Green with ss bezel and xhp 50.2 5000k

Tan or green with SS bezel /black tail cap 50.2 5000k or close.

Sand looks more like chocolate. If I do get one it’ll probably be the XHP50.2 right now I’m looking forward to the D1Sv2 but these colours are tempting. BTW I commented before aswell.

They will experiment with new process to achieve the right color tone. Stay tuned.

I’m in for a green or blue XHP 50.2

Edit: If I have a choice, 5000k.

Blue or green please but not too vivid color. Sand tan should be more like gold. I would prefer the bezel in the same color because SS bezel can also be bought seperately.
Why don’t they just produce a hundred in different colors and look how they sell? Black sold well so that should be no problem.

Sand with black bezel. Sst40 NW.

copper? LOL

Can we vote all of the above. I like the fact it is not just black.

Grey with stainless bezel and 50.2. Would really like a blue one but after getting and selling my blue MF01S, it appears mateminco can't match the blue's very well overall.

Can you elaborate? Is the blue as rich and deep as the one in the pic?

Love the Blue.

Could someone tell me the pros and cons vs SST40 and xhp 50?

Such as throw and heat?

1st choice is Blue and 2nd would be Gray they all gorgeous.

blue or purple will be nice

Not even close. MF01S blue was very dull and faded, but for some reason cameras make the blue look very rich and exotic. My mf01s had a decent tail cap blue but the body was way off and didn't match. I'm sure they can make a beautiful deep and rich blue if they tried. I've had rims on my motocross bikes that were consistently anodized blue and looked spectacular.

It's just a digital mock up for the maker to experiment with. Once we will select one (or two) most popular color, I will request them to show us a fully assembled sample from their end.

Thanks for the warning. I have a few Harborfreight (free) flashlights that have that thin, washed-out, light blue color rattling around in my glove box. They always show as deep blue in the pics but look terrible in person. They also scratch easily, as do many other cheaply finished colored anodized lights Ive gotten rid of. Im done with them!

Sounds good. I appreciate your efforts and attention to details. But you can count me out if they aren’t able to produce the deep rich colors as shown in the pic, and with a hard ano finish. It looks like they’ve cheaped-out in the past and that scares me. I think most people who are interested, probably already have one or more FT03’s. So this will be a novelty for the shelf in many cases. Fingers crossed they come through. You’re a great communicator, so hopefully you can let them know for us.

Is there a chance for a red version?

If you can get this color sign me in :slight_smile:
(entire body, including tailcap and bezel and then I would swop the bezel with SS)

Green XHP50.2 w/ Stainless bezel ring … :wink:

No problem, I learned my lesson about colored anodized lights too. Either they take the time to do it well or it just isn't worth buying for me.