FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 9300lm & FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1300m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C - ALIVE


you said you replaced the emitter

did you stick with an SST-40 and just go with a de-domed 6500k or what did you use?

at first I change to the old de-domed 6500k I have left two years ago and I change the again to OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (1mm2) the 636,000kcd is OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (1mm2).

Yours looks off center too. Mine too.

I found that the reflector is not so smooth when compared to my convoy c8

Oh yeah, I finally got mine today! :smiley: Loving the size and feel! At first glance, the build quality looks fine on my unit. It’s not dark here yet, but from the brief tests inside, it does look very bright. I also have the occasional pop/crackle when using the light and it did felt warm quite fast when I tested it.

What I find strange however, is that until up to ~30% ramp, the hotspot and the spill look very NW-ish(as expected), but when I ramp up further, the hotspot gets whiter and the tint of the spill gets noticeably bluish/purpleish. Is this normal? :neutral_face:

Looks like BG have sourced some 5700k emitters to do a between-neutral-and-cool to tide some people over while they wait for 5000k:

A_M_K, yep I seem to remember somewhere them saying the hotspot appears more 6000k when at turbo.

The hotspot is bearable, but the spill gets quite blue/purple-ish and I’m not a fan… Maybe they’ve sent me the 5700K? How can I find out?

If the hotspot is white with a yellow/green corona and a purple spill then I think this is normal. My NW is like this and looks pretty much identical to my A6 with a 3D XPL-HD.

Shipped email: March 28.

Dealing with CS is a waste of time.
They will always answer (even if tracking does not work):

If it were for me I would never pay for the tracking, but they always charge me when I place the order (I have no option), it seems that I live in a high-risk area (Uruguay). I never lost any package without tracking.
For insurance, I do not pay (I have an option), my insurance is PP.

[Another order for one item with a discount coupon of more than 50%]
I currently have a BG order whose tracking does not work. I received the shipping email on March 16, I sent claiming emails after 2nd week and after 4th week. The next one will be after the 7th week (35 business days) they will ask me to wait another week.
Then I’ll have to send them another email (after 8th week) . If I am lucky, they will resend me the order. If not (the normal), I will have to threaten them with PP and they will return the money to me. In a more serious case, I will have to open a dispute.

PS. I am currently VIP4, sometimes VIP5.

Wow that must be a big deal in Uruguay VIP5! :beer:

Does Uruguay have parades in your Honor? :+1:

Don’t rely on PayPal. I’m dealing with disputes right now and they’re not proving very helpful. For example, Banggood in it’s infinite wisdom takes one order and splits it into multiple suborders. One of my suborders didn’t arrive. No shipping insurance. I file a claim with PayPal. Banggood provide them with a tracking number for a suborder which arrived successfully, but not for the suborder still outstanding, so PayPal decide to rule in their favour because they have a tracking number proving something was delivered.

Tell me. If I use AWT 26650 45A discharge, the driver will not burn?

Tell me. Which battery is better to use for this flashlight?

I think the battery debate results were 21700 for power, 26650 for duration. Something like that. The question was whether or not the 21700 would fit. I don’t remember those results.

I'm afraid the 21700 may damage the driver.

There was a lot more to it than that.They fit,they are a bit tight but they fit. That is not the potential issue

Early concern was that 21700 batteries like Samsung 30T/40T and Molicel P42A could possibly fry the emitter because of too much amp draw,something like anything over 9.5 to 10 amps is too much. Maybe not initially but long term max output use?

Even if that does NOT happen, I believe the BEST batteries are the 26650 PLB-55A Re wraps,Orbtronic/Shockli/Vapcell. Great run time and plenty of amps,and I use it on Constant Turbo!

I was told that even if the 21700’s did not fry the emitter,the output gain would be temporary[just initially] and there is NO DOUBT it would not be noticeable by eye!

Are you referring to these?

Those are protected, so pretty low amp draw compared to others. Bad review here:

Yes . These are batteries that I wanted to buy. Thanks for the information .

Shockli 26650 5500mAh 30A, has anyone bought it before? Authentic?

I bought these Shockli in the UK Draw more amps than 26650 xtar 4000mah 10A, 18650 LGHG2, Samsung 30Q and Sanyo GA