FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 9300lm & FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1300m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C - ALIVE

You can throw them further, or rather they have better throw

That's why we want wide. For the length, for myself I prefer a smaller, lighter weight thrower. The #1 reason for the best throw is reflector I.D. (inner diameter) width, the bigger iit is, the more throw you get. Of course there's other factors, parabolic shape, tweaked for the LED size, SMO better than OP, focusing of the LED position/depth, and more reflector depth can help a little.

More factors are the chosen LED, are you at or near the optimum amps for the LED used, do you have a decent thermal path - copper DTP MCPCB, etc.

Oh I’m aware it’s one of the contributing factors for making a thrower - I’m a big fan of throwers myself :wink:

I was asking about combining a wide-head light with a short ody. I’m seeing more and more lights like this popping up on ads etc., and they seem very unwieldy to me. So I’m curious to hear from people who like them.

Hello my friends, I just bought the flashlight, now I have to decide for some battery 26650, what do you recommend? I have asa 18650 Samsung 30Q of 3000 mah, will it have good auto?

I encourage new owners to browse or search this thread for battery details as this question has been asked many times and the issue discussed quite thoroughly. Yes, I know the thread is very long, but that’s partly because this question keeps coming up :wink: . So…

Any decent 21700 or 26650 will power this light as it draws no more than 9.5A and is probably safer at 8.5A. I use a $4 LiitoKala Lii-50A 5000mAh in mine and it works fine. High-drain 18650’s are okay, but a 21700 or 26650 will provide better performance and runtime.

A Samsung 30Q will work fine, but the voltage will start falling off after about 750mAh of usage. This may happen after only 5min. of turbo mode, whereas a Shockli 5500mAh 26650 can maintain similar output for almost twice as long.

[EDIT] Had to move the image to Dropbox as Google Photos links kept breaking. Fingers crossed…

When I first received my GT mini and attached the shorty tube I thought it was for crazy people only. Especially how unbalanced it made the light and forced your hand onto the heatsinks to hold it unless you hold it like a cigar.

After owning it for a bit I really like the shorty tube for how small it makes the light and how much more impressively it shows off this tiny weensy little thing blasting a beam out 850m

I agree…the question has been asked NUMEROUS times. I believe that ANY flavor of these PLB-55A are the best overall choice.

PLB55A is the Shockli and Vapcell ?

ALL Three cells are believed to be the OEM PLB-55A.

Please let us know what feedback has been communicated to factory, in case there are more issues that weren’t communicated

I know the Shockli 5500 and KeepPower 6000 are. The rest is a bit fuzzy for me.

The Orbtronic 5750 is, I think. They label it 30A, but it should be 20A CDR.

With Vapcell you have the 5500 which I think is correct, but they also have a 5900 which I’m not sure about.

I just ordered the Vapcell 5900. Couldn’t find any reviews of it though. Hope it is a high bin 5500.

The Vapcell 5500 and 5900 are the SAME cell. That is what I suspected and that is what confirmed. The Burgundy label 5500 is just the replacement of the 5900 which is being phased out. They have it on sale to get rid of them.

Hmmm I got a couple de-domed 6500k SST40’s from Kaidomain and matched them up with my
7500k de-domed emitters also from Kaidomain, under the UV light, I was hoping to see a difference…. not…

The mounted ones look ever so slightly warmer under normal light. Might just be the camera angle though.

Freeme - if it is not too late I would like the coupon code.

Thank you.

Many thanks to all for the help, unfortunately there are few sellers who are sending batteries to Argentina (shipping costs are over 100 dollars). Shocly directly does not send. I found 2 models, what do you recommend?

Thank you

Xtar 5200 mah

Vapcell 5900 mah

The Vapcell 5900 mah

Freeme, 4 lights ordered! Thank you

Definitely get the Vapcell.

I found the specs of the XTAR on Battery Jct. MAX continuous discharge is ONLY 7A! You would not only lose Output with less Amp draw but it also has LESS CAPACITY.

XTAR 26650 5200mAh

Battery Size: 26650
Battery Chemistry: Li-ion
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Nominal Capacity: 5200mAh
Estimated Charge Cycles: 500cycles
Max Discharge Current: 7A
Energy: 18.72Wh
Length - 2.68” (68.2 mm)
Diameter - 1.04” (26.5 mm)
Weight: 3.36 oz. (95.5 g)

Yesterday i took the light from the shelf and noticed a strange smell, it reminded me of the smell of burned electronics.

I switched on the light and noticed that the beam was quite low on intensity, but the sideswitch did not mention low voltage. So i put in a frehly charged cell and switched on the light and it was working well again with a nice intense beam.
All over sudden i noticed the sideswitch coloring (red !?) but after switching on and off again it was working as it should again.

It turns out my cell was completely drained after a few weeks, so i measured parasitic drain tonight, and guess what?

I measured parasitic drain of 86 mA !!!

Anyone else got problems with parasitic drain on the FT03 ?