✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

There is a clear coat applied to the light.


Can u talk to banggood to make other colours available like purple , green and blue.

I really like those colours and I’m sure many other buyers looking for them too

Ordered Gun Metal 5000.
Anyone want to recommend a good battery. 1st 26650 light!

What country are you in?

Sorry about that I’m in the USA

If you want a really high drain cell the Aspire 4300 is a good choice. Other high drain cells like from Golisi and iJoy are harder to find locally. Ordering them from overseas is also risky.

If you want a good high capacity cell there is the 5500mah PLB based cell.

Vapcell at liionwholesale

Vapcell at Illumn

Keeppower at Illumn

Shockli at MTN E

Flat top or Button top and should it be protected?


Unprotected only since it draws high current. If you are scared of unprotected there are some 15A and 20A protected cells, but they are expensive.

I don’t know if the driver has a spring on it or a button. It may not matter. Maybe Freeme can say if button top is needed or not. I just buy flat top because I can easily add a solder blob if needed.

Ordered a week ago olive green 5K… thanks boys…

I’m torn between the 95CRI 4k and the 5k. Does anyone know an approximate difference in the led efficiency between the two?

The advertised lumens for the MF01s are:

  • 6500K - 15000 lumens
  • 5000K - 14000 lumens
  • 4000K - 11000 lumens

Extrapolating that to the 6000 lumen figure we’ve seen for the MF01 Mini at 6500K, I would expect roughly 4000 lumens at 4000K. The math says 4380 but this seems a bit high.

4380 from 7-sst20 I think you’re on the mark. Can one battery push it? And which one? I’m going 26650 Shockli 5500 mah probably my best compromise. Samsung INR21700-40T for the lumen junkie who needs that pretty bright light.

How many AMC’s does the driver have? I assume it’s the triple channel type.

They had a theoretical lumen figure of 5500 but got 6100 using the Samsung 30T (the most powerful cell available of any 18650, 21700, 26650). The 30T can sustain 35A. I would expect comparable performance from the Molicel P42A. The Samsung 40T should also be in the ballpark.

If the MF01 Mini was evaluated or tested at 3700 lumen at 5000K i doubt it will reach 4k lumens at 95CRI 4000K. More likely 3k lumens or less which is still very good for the size-.

Sorry i got the wrong numbers… 4937 lumens with SST20 5000K w VTC5A. The 95CRI 4000K should indeed be not far from 4k lumens. Although it is my first choice, the 4000K SST20 are somewhat on the warm side with a noticeable yellow/orange tint to my eyes. I wish we could have 4500K 95CRI.

95CRI is only for the 4000K. The Banggood title with 95CRI is very misleadering. Someone should tell Banggood to fix it. Banggood should add the CRI rating under the emitter selection or a description instead of labeling them all 95CRI.

The coolest temp 95CRI for this emitter goes up to about 4250K but that would be the FA1 tint bin that currently is not available on the market. I read Luminus recently manufactured new FD2 tint bins due to flashlight demands. Flashlight manufacturers were buying FD2 tint bin only because it was better than the other tint bins currently available. I wish Mateminco, Lumintop, and Fireflies would tell Luminus that they want FA1 tint instead of more FD2. FA1 will be as close to the 219B sw45K as it gets but not overly rosy.

Talk about misleading product descriptions or advertising… It seems to me i see them everywhere everyday… :person_facepalming:
Good point nonetheless. :+1:

It might not be intentional since they didn’t state that for the more expensive MF01S. I can imagine the Banggood staff responsible for creating the page is probably not very familiar with flashlights since they sell not only flashlights. From my experience dealing with Chinese sellers ever since I got into the LED hobby, I find the typical sales staff have little clue about the technical aspects of what they sell. But nevertheless, someone in contact with Banggood should correct them. My friend thought they were all 95CRI. Luckily he called me to verify before he hit the purchase button

We have not seen any info about the driver yet.

The MF01S is a 2 channel driver using a resistor bank controlled by a small FET (due to being 6 volt) for the first 500 lumen, then switches to the bigger FET.

This light can use 7135 regulators (due to being 3 volt) so the design might be 2 ch or 3 ch. We don’t know yet. Update, it’s 3 channel.

If anyone sees any pictures, please let us know. I’m guessing Lexel designed it, I’ll ask him.

FWIW I got an MF01S 5000k and the tint is disturbingly green for me on low modes. But then again I have been spoiled by the 4000k on the FW3A so my opinion might be moot. Kinda regret not going for the high CRI now.