✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF01S 15000lm Flashlight Group Buy - ENDED

Interested, depending on price.

If this ends up running Anduril (or at least can be flashed via pogo pin holes in the driver like the Emisar D4S), and the price is very similar to it’s direct competitor, the new Emisar D18, then I think the MF01S might just be a no-brainer. Many of us love Anduril, many of us love aux LEDs. These are two features that the D18 doesn’t seem to have. I suppose it does have an advantage of being a little smaller though, however if the MF01S has a higher sustainable output due to its size, then I’m going to have to count that as a win for the MF01S as well.

Interested - Blue Ano


I suggested this when the project started but they were hard set on keeping the basic size and shape of the first MF01.

I had to beg for them to make it a little longer so it could fit some extra fins and a thicker shelf.

Also, 21700’s in a quad cell light are not something I am supper hip on as the battery tube becomes to big it would be uncomfortable to hold for most people. So in practical terms it would need to step down to a 3 cell light and that would cause complications with the carrier since the light runs in 2S2P.

A special edition copper version of the light is also possible with enough interest, they seemed open to a lot of custom versions if I could prove there was enough interest. They just have not told me how much interest is needed.

okok, i just think keeping the same size while on papers increasing lumens that much isnt maybe so good idea but what do i know xd, i mean that much lumens needs a bigger host imo but ofc this is they who decide, i can only try think a little bigger wouldnt hurt. im sure this will be a bestseller tho like the previous one which i like alot.

Interested if the price is right


I said the same thing, I had to fight for the little change they did allow. This is why the thermal protection is so important. Left unchecked it will get WELL over 100C. I would stop the tests at ~105c but it was still climbing.

I will say it is a potent light as it is. With Narsil ramping it is far more usable then it was in the old version. Plus the parasitic drain is 1/20th of the old light (~200ua vs 5000ua, although that is before the auxled’s which have not been tested yet).

I`m in :+1: copper and titanium

Looks awesome, interested for sure.


Interested for 1.

15000 initial lumens, What is the sustained lumens afterwards?

Interested dark blue. I’d pay extra for XPL-HI 5000k

I have not gotten a final sample yet to measure for myself. Nor have the final LED’s been selected yet. So it is impossible to say.

This was in the plans early on but the lumen output was not much better then the XP-G3 / SST-20 and the cost would have to be higher with XP-L HI, so they scrapped that idea.

It is possible to swap the LED’s yourself but considering the cost of 18 xp-l LED’s I can understand why they decided to not do it.

I do have one here with the XP-L HI setup and it works good but honestly I prefer the SST-20 version and have been using it for almost everything recently.


Interested :slight_smile:

Interested please.