✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF01S 15000lm Flashlight Group Buy - ENDED

Looks awesome, interested for sure.


Interested for 1.

15000 initial lumens, What is the sustained lumens afterwards?

Interested dark blue. I’d pay extra for XPL-HI 5000k

I have not gotten a final sample yet to measure for myself. Nor have the final LED’s been selected yet. So it is impossible to say.

This was in the plans early on but the lumen output was not much better then the XP-G3 / SST-20 and the cost would have to be higher with XP-L HI, so they scrapped that idea.

It is possible to swap the LED’s yourself but considering the cost of 18 xp-l LED’s I can understand why they decided to not do it.

I do have one here with the XP-L HI setup and it works good but honestly I prefer the SST-20 version and have been using it for almost everything recently.


Interested :slight_smile:

Interested please.

I’m imagining an MF01S that weighs about the same as a BLF GT :slight_smile: Secondary uses - house demolition, holding small children down, etc


interested…great job, TA and Lexel!

Lexel, will the aux LEDs be adjustable or be able to be completely disabled from the main firmware, or only from the trimmers on the aux board? And if it’s just the aux board, they better make sure not to glue it!

Purple! I’d take a purple!

Why not a clear body and light green top bessel, head what ever, or maybe blue - I don’t know.

I requested a clear option as well, they made one but it was after that last picture was taken:

It's March 14th, so must be 18 LED day!

Wow!! Nice job TA/LEXEL!!

Interested for sure!