FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 400lm 18350 1200m(verified) Flashlight Group Buy >>> New Price

LUMINTOP THOR I LEP (Alu & Ti) Group Buy

400 lumens | 1200m Throw Distance | 342,000Cd+

Our Test Results

Do account 10-15% margin of error for all our measurement values.


Titanium (polished/ stonewashed)

Price: $209.97 (usual $279.95)

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Aluminium Black / RAW

Price: $124.50 (usual $166.00)

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Can't wait for our reply??

Titanium (polished/ stonewashed)

Price: $254.95 (usual $299.95)

Freeme's Coupon: NDNA

Aluminium Black / RAW

Price: $153 (usual $180.00)

Freeme's Coupon: NDNA

Since the button is flat and 12mm wide, it is not difficult to balance the light in upright position. However, it will only work on flat surfaces.


OUTPUT 30 Lumen 150 Lumen 400 Lumen
Runtime 2H 20MIN 58M 5M+ 40M*
INTENSITY 342000cd (Max)
DISTANCE 1200m (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
SIZE 96*32*22.5mm (Length*Head Ø*Tube Ø)
NET WEIGHT 102g (Aluminum)
LIGHT SOURCE White Laser Emitter
POWER 9W (Max)
BATTERY 1 X 18350 Li-ion (excluded)

Notice: The above appropriate parameters are lab-tested by using a 3.7V/900mAh 18350 Li-ion battery, it may vary due to the difference of environments and batteries. *The runtime on High is accumulated due to the over-heat protection setting.

Operation Instruction
ON/ OFF: Fully press the switch for ON, fully press again for OFF. The auxiliary rear light is ON when the light is OFF.
Output change: From ON, half-press the switch to change outputs.
Mode memory: Turn on the light again after 3 seconds off will recall the last used output.

1) This device is a super high-intensity flashlight. To avoid potential injury, it is forbidden to shoot directly to the eyes.
2) Keep away from children.


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Yes please! Will be interesting to see how small this thing actually is. The Thor II is 18350, so is this going to be 16340?

hmm have to see some videos before interest


Interested. Please provide coupon code when available. thx

Interested :slight_smile:


Interesting little guy. Looks like a small laser guided bomb.

i am interested.

Wow. They manage to get uglier and uglier each time!

The bottom pic without the blue and yellow trits actually looks good, however, the bezel kinda ruins the design. First they ruined the middle of the light with the THOR II, this time they fixed the middle and ruined the front. Anyway, it stills seems like an interesting light. By far the smallest LEP we have have seen. Wonder how long it is.

very interested

There might be a stainless steel version for this one.


From Facebook

That’s about the same length as D4V2 or FW3A but a bit wider.

It looks like the styling on the host adds a few mm to the size. I hope Lumintop make a version like this that’s styled more like the FW series.

If it only needs 3A then a 16340 or 14500 LEP should work.

For the THOR II, Vinh got 195Lumen, 550Kcd, 1483m which is way below spec. Has anyone else tested it? Hopefully this one doesn’t underperform as well.

Edit: It does actually hit the claimed 1.8km so this might hit the claimed 1.2km too.

It is so ugly :person_facepalming: , will keep waiting for that simple minimal sized tube-style LEP flashlight.

Rather familiar description.

I think it actually looks good if you cover the head and the THOR II looks good if you cover the middle part.