FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 400lm 18350 1200m(verified) Flashlight Group Buy >>> New Price

Why is there no interest in the LEP?

I’m wondering the same thing. I guess it’s too ugly and people don’t know what to expect from a company they’ve never heard about. The price does seem good. I guess we need someone to test it to see how good the performance is. Then maybe it’ll gain some interest.

You mean L10 or LEP in general?

I guess both….at least the price has come down….is this the beginning of the end of the interest in LEP’s….

There have been a significant drop in readership across all platforms on flashlight since first quarter of the year. People are probably not aware of these new products or more careful with their spendings like me.

Potentially interested but I’m going to need some additional information. A bit odd to me with what appears to be 18350 / 18650 when the Thor II is that? What’s the niche difference that separates them besides the host aesthetic?

That does look like a nice flashlight, much more my style :+1:

Call me old fashioned, but only like functional design ethos, or at least design that at least points towards something that has a pupose. Also open to outright art such as Damascus style metallurgy. IMHO tech in this light is cheapened by the un-integrated design splatterings of cross hatch groves and other affectations.

It’s an subjective of course. Just my take.

Edit. I would buy it for my Christmas Tree.


I’m more concerned with Specs especially since it’s a smaller body. I’m not sure we have mastered it yet, but glad to see people working on making LEP better. Definitely a specialty flashlight that will super interesting to watch as technology advances.

Definitely interested


Going to be very dependent on price.

Vinh sold a relatively small almost tube-shaped LEP light.

I think his current production run is finished though.

I recall he was also developing an 18350 tube for it.

Other than that, the Weltool W3 is also fairly small for a LEP.

This new Lumintop LEP looks intriguing, but I agree that the design clearly isn’t optimized for practicality. It has lots of extra protrusions and mass that simply isn’t needed.

Interested, depending on price.

I was browsing skylumens website and came across the Jetbeam E1…Are Lumintop and Jetbeam owned by the same company cause that looks almost identical!

I personally have found these quite useless as I have white lasers that reach the moon. Lep is great in massive thrower bodys though.

I had the same thoughts initially until i owned THOR II. Believe it or not, I have been using LEP way way more time than my >10Klm class flashlights. LEP really fill in the gaps of what traditional flashlights are lacking in.

More LEP flashlights will be rolling out for the second half of the year, so everyone please stay tuned.

If one of those is really EDC-sized, I’m in!

LEPs are amazing! I used to EDC my Acebeam L16 (not ideal for pocket carry but I’m just me…so). Now I can get something the same size with 3x the throw. I don’t think people really understand how insane that is! I’d say LEPs are actually more useful then what people give them credit for. On videos the spot can look super small, but in real life at 200-500m they’re actually useable IMO. Just over 3 years ago you needed the enormous BLF GT to get 2km+ of throw. Now you can have that in the palm of your hand for almost the same price. I’m surprised that there’s not more interest in these things.