FREEME ✌ MATEMINCO FW3 LEP + 9*XBD 1550lm 1350m Flashlight Group Buy - Full Review + Beamshots


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You got mail.

What does FW3 stand for?

Scroll down just a little here in the original development thread: FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

The F is for Fritz…German member who started the whole idea but I don’t think he’s around anymore.

After the initial long-awaited release, Lumintop capitalized on the naming convention with all of the many variants that came after.

That was given by Lumintop.


Y’know…my apologies here. I replied to him and didn’t even notice which thread this was. Mateminco FW3. :slight_smile: Whoops…!

Not an issue my friend. Do you know that FM1 is actually referring to FREEME1?

It was a rhetorical question in any case. I know what FW stands for and I know why Mateminco are using it. They are ripping off the name of a popular flashlight to try and leech off of it’s popularity, show up in searches, etc. Sleazy.

It was bad enough when Lumintop started using FW on dozens of crappy flashlights which veered wildly from Fritz original vision. Now it’s even worse, a different company are just slapping FW3 on some random junk in the hopes of fooling their customers.

For those who are not following, Mateminco started "FT/MT" series way back in 2018. It was a huge hit, and they have sold tens of thousands over the years.

There are definitely no resemblance in appearance for both brands. I seriously doubt one would mistake one from the other.

Well, freeme, it’s probably about time you got your name on a flashlight. :slight_smile:

Test in progress.

There’s no Type-C to C charging as stated on here

Tell me what you think.

Why no memory mode?

No memory. Always start from LOW mode.

They released new version FW3S with SFT40, new option is Blue for flood. It’s tempting but I got FW3…

We'll have a price for them next week. Please wait for it.