FREEME ✌ NIGHTWATCH NS59v2 9*SSQ55 38000lm 2*21700 Flashlight Group Buy - 2023 - ALIVE

(Mar 2023) 9SSQ55 38000lm 221700 Flashlight Group Buy - New LED model. >>> $71.97
(V2) 9SFQ60.3 32000lm 221700 Flashlight Group Buy
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Model: NS59v1
LED: 9xSFQ55 5700k
Max output: 28,000lm
Battery: unprotected 2x 21700 button top (NS73V1 need to use the battery current 40A)
Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating
Body: Aluminum with Type III hard-coat anodizing
Swtich: Tail switch
Weight: 338g without cells
Dimensions: 58mm head x215mm length
Function: 1. Reverse polarity protection
2.Temperature control
3.low voltage warn
Modes: M-L-M-H,triple clicks turbo

NS59V2 XHP50.3 HD 6500k B C D E F G
Mode Turbo high middlel middle2 low strobe
current(A) 80 30 306 3 0.7 60
output(Im) 38000 19500 5000 2400 780 /
Intensity(kcd) 105
Switch tail
Battery 2x21700 button top
weight 356g
Dimension 58mm head x215mm length


Package included:

1x Nightwatch NS59v1

2x O-rings


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  9. VW-GT-RS
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Whoa! Interested!

I am not usually a fan of 2x series flashlights (bc of their length) but this looks awesome! Reminds me of the Old Lumens Contest (last year?) Convoy L6 converted to a MT18s...

Tailswitch Only? Is there a proposed Mode group yet?


From the supplied pics, I am 90% sure that light is being controlled with tail switch.

As for UI, it shouldn't defer too much from their other NS series? I will include more details in the coming weeks.


I really like 2x series flashlights. They are very practical. This flashlight looks very interesting. However, as much as I like Nightwatch for their excellent heat sinking and pushing the envelope in raw performance, their driver efficiency sucks. Their flashlights are meant as toys because of the low driver efficiency. I wish they start making regulated buck / boost drivers.

ive never owned a night watch, good to know about the heat sinking and poor driver efficiency. Maybe bc this one is 2x series it will be a different type of driver (buck?), or maybe it will be easy to find a replacement driver bc it's running off of a tailswitch, maybe mechanical?







Yea it could be a buck driver. That would be sweet. But not sure if the emitters are 3V or 6V.

I really want to give this light a try but the numbers are not coming out right. Nightwatch has a single 21700 triple SFQ55, Nightwatch NSX3. It’s stats are for three 5000k SFQ55’s are 9100 lumens at 33 amps. This LED comes in 3 and 6 volts varieties. To run 9 SFQ55 LED’s in the 6 volt style will take 50 amps to get around 28,000 lumens.

This chart suggest we might be at 60 amps with 2-21700 in series to get that output.


Tentatively interested

I look forward to the answers to these questions.