[♛ Freeme x SuperbDeal] New Skilhunt 700lm 110m 14500/AA/ XHP35 1800lm 18650 Rechargeable EDC Flashlights

[Jul 19, 2019] Form function restored.

[Jul 12, 2019] Interested members please express in this thread.

NEW Flashlights for SALE

M_300 has yet to be announced.





c**********5 ACK.

Second form included.

A charger in a multi-chemistry flashlight? Does it charge NiMH and Lion or just Lion?

Edit (answering my own Q):

14500 only.

Interested in both.

Have you filled up the forms yet?


Interested in M150, and yes i filled up form… :sunglasses:

Form filed :+1:

M150 already has pre-sale discount on Skilhunt Official Aliexpress store. $24.90 without cell. $32.90 with cell.

Will this deal be cheaper?

14500 looks nice :+1:

Interested if available in NW or WW. Their website has quite a lot of infos. but no mention of colour temperature.

Really interesting. I just wish they used a Micro-USB port!! :person_facepalming:

Most brands are phasing out microUSB already.


Interested in M150 if neutral or warm temp.

Only CW option available. With or without 14500.

Many thanks for info

Received my 14500 light this week! Awesome light! I would say that they are on par with Olight.