[♛ FreemeGB] 2019 Niwalker Group Buy, Rare Opportunity - MF5SV1 / BK-LR7SV1 / BK-LB11SV2 -【 ACTIVE 】

2019 Niwalker Group Buy


Niwalker MF5SV1 Mini 15,000lm LED Flashlight

Group Buy Price: $1xx ($199.90)

Niwalker BK-LR7SV1 magnetic control Long Throw Searchlight

Group Buy Price: $1xx ($179.90)

Niwalker BK-LB11SV2 Long Throw Searchlight

Group Buy Price: $1xx ($169.90)

Interested. Thank you!

Sent. [quote=Lux-Perpetua] Interested. Thank you! [/quote]


Interested in the MF5SV1 mini


I am waiting for NW to set the coupons. [quote=Soldier] Interested! [/quote]


Interested in the BK-LR7SV1.

I’m very unfamiliar with Niwalker but the MF5SV1 looks like a great design! I’m assuming it’s switchable between the 2x XHP 70.2 for flood and the single XHP35 HI for throw?

I feel like I’ve come across the Niwalker name around here and heard good things. Can anyone confirm?

Hey Freeme!

can I get the code for theMF5SV1?

Interested !

I’m interested in all of the lights above, especially since they are factory direct.

There’s normal endorsements:
(accredited BLF member) yeah that’s a good brand and some good lights

Then there’s this for an endorsement:
(accredited BLF member) I’ll take them all!

:smiley: Very interesting!

Bluesword: I can’t for the life of me tell what is different between the MM18JR and the MF5SV1! Niwalker has a terrible website and the MM18JR doesn’t have specs. same emitters, housing, reflector… Also they both state 10 000 ansi lumens even though the MF5SV1 says 15 000 also… Does anybody know?

Interested in the MF5SV1.

@mattadores, I’m mostly interested in the throwers, since I usually buy throwers not for me, but for some of my police friends.

Because while some like carrying the BLF GT Full set(2 of them in fact), for some, it’s a bit too big.

Makes good sense.

I noticed the 1900m 905kcd specs and feel like that’s got to be one of the highest in between lights I’ve seen in a while (almost BLF GT/MF04 but more than a TN42

Coupons got configured wrongly. I have already alert them to correct soon.

Speaking of the cd ratings however, Maukka did a test of the MM18JR which is rated at 730kcd and in his testing he found it produced 61 000 or 494 meters

their lumen ratings were bang on but their distance measurements made no sense given that they called 730kcd 850m. I believe I saw something on a different website stating the MM18JR has 440kcd which I believe is much closer to 850m.

Either way that’s a very big difference between stated and tested

It was a mistake for both of them actually.

They probably meant 73 kcd for the 1st one, and 44kcd for the 2nd one.

I wonder if they actually spell check their websites.