[♛ FreemeGB] ASTROLUX FT03 XHP50.2 (3V) 4300lm 735m 26650/ 21700/ 18650 Flashlight - SHIPPED!

Send code please!

Forwarded. Please select CN warehouse.

Interested! Thank you.

interested too


Interested. Thanks in advance freeme

I see FT03 SST40/xhp50.2 was on sale in BG, so coupon doesn’t work I’m afraid so…

Interested! Is there any other working discount or coupon for xhp50.2 ?

Also interested in a code for the XHP50.2 if something is still available. Thanks!

Yeah, you might have to wait for the sale to end to save a couple more dollars using the coupon code.

Can I get the coupon please?


Coupon code please!

Just ordered the light, thank you freeme!

Interested. Code please?

Interested, coupon code please

Sent. [quote=mountainair26] Interested, coupon code please [/quote]

Hi, interested to purchase this.
Could you please provide me the code? Thank you.

Code please thanks

Hi Freeme,
first post on this forum
I’m interested,
could you provide me the code ?
thanks a lot

Very interested in code please, Sounds like a great light.