[♛ FreemeGB] ASTROLUX FT03 XHP50.2 (3V) 4300lm 735m 26650/ 21700/ 18650 Flashlight - SHIPPED!

Welcome to BLF! I have sent you a pm(private message).

Is there coupon? Post first says to be announced. If exists please provide code. Thanks

Received the code and have made the order. Cheers….

coupon code please

ft03 coupon please. Thank you

I’m very interested in the ft03.

Please send a coupon for both versions - SST-40 and XHP50 3V

Anyword on the XHP70.2 version?

Yeah, even two words - not happening :smiley:

Im interested.

colored FT03 preorder has started.


Awesome … ordered.

Many Thanks

Stainless Steel Ring Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 4300lm 735m Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight + HLY 26650 5000mAh 3C Power Battery - XHP50.2 6000-6500K Green.

Interested in coupon code for Black ft03 please thanks

Interested, thank you

I have an FT03 that won’t turn off. Even if I click the button, it stays on. It is still ramping and strobe and turbo is working. It just won’t turn off. Can you help me what is the problem on my light?

Sounds like a driver problem.
Does it stay on at a low level like 100 lumen?
Channel one (single 7135 chip I believe) might be defective and stuck fully on even though there is no signal to tell it to turn on.

Yes, its more like stucked at the lowest ramp level.

Okay, this sounds different. Is it bright at all or just barely glowing? Sometimes one of the 4 dies in the xhp50.2 (and 70.2) will glow when off, but it doesn’t draw hardly any extra power and does not cause an issue.

If you have a DMM you can measure the drain when the light is off. You undo the tail cap an put your probes on the battery end and the bare battery tube. Set your meter to mA or uA and put your red probe into the socket for measuring mA or low current.

If the drain is under 0.5mA (500 uA) or so you should be okay. I don’t know what the stock drain is on this light, but this driver design and UI should be around 22-180 uA (0.022-0.180 mA).

Interested in another for my Dad cheers

This is barely glowing. Might be the issue with some XHP50.2 that you said.
I have yet to measure the drain but I just unscrew the Tailcap for now.