[♛ FreemeGB] ASTROLUX MF06 CREE High Power Flashlight with Active Cooling - Not Quite there Yet



I know that months ago you told us that the project was put on hold but … could you ask Astrolux if they has made any progress? No matter how small it is. I hope don’t hear that the project has been canceled.


Almost forgot about this. Any updates?

Nothing worth showing at the moment.

Maybe once MF05 starts shipping we will get an update?



Is MF04 body not suitable for some reason? will it ever get a new emitter?
Don’t get why MF02 got sbt90 but they had to change body for MF04 to MF05?

They didn’t change the body they just changed the name only.

Head and body are completely different… MF04 vs MF05

compare to MF04

Oh, you want to know why they went with a bigger head and air cooling for a SBT-90.2 light instead of just putting that led into the existing MF04 body. I got mixed up.

I can only speculate that they wanted to build something better than the GT 90. Something that stood out and got attention.

I suppose a modder could convert an MF04 by swapping the LED in, replacing the driver with a FET unit and converting the carrier to 3 volt.

My assumptions are that the MF04 cant handle a SBT90.2 very well, where a GT is somewhat over dimensioned.
The MF04 is a lot lighter, which means less material, less thermal mass, less fins, less of everything, check the difference

Your thinking the existing MF04 body could not handle the heat for very long?

Astrolux did make a MF02 version which is smaller. Lumintop even made a single 21700 version of the FW3A Pro light. So Astrolux could certainly put it in the MF04 head and it would work. Maybe they talked about their decision in a MF05 thread. It’s not likely to be mentioned here.

Even FT03 has SBT90 version, MF04 is mentioned in other thread but only response was freeme would like to see it done.
I just ordered the MF04 XHP35 version. Considering the large reflector and more reasonable cost i thought the body would be well on track to getting SBT90

You are absolutely right, but do you know how the FT03s behaves?

After 30 seconds, you end up with a meager output of about 1800 Lumens, which is only 70 % less as where you started it with at a cold start.
Not to mention the fact that it plummets even more to an ashtonishing 150 Lumens after a couple of minutes

Please find the review HERE

Even the Amutorch XT45 which is cheaper performs better

Please find that review here

it’s the fault of the software shit and not the fault of the flashlight, you can restore the turbo and it will work at full power and for a longer time

SBT90.2 is not in their original plan.

Well, it wasn’t for the GT either, but it turned out pretty good.
The GT is just designed very well :wink: