[♛ FreemeGB-NOV] Haikelite HT70 4*SST70 6500k 17000 lumens 18650 Flashlight - ALIVE!

Haikelite HT70 4*SST70 6500k 17000 lumens 18650 Flashlight

GB Price: $129.99 ($199.00)

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Brand Haikelite
Light beads SST70
Color temperature 6500k
Lumens 17000lm
Range- 1500m
Battery 18650(Not included)
Size 235 x 86 x 51mm (leght x light head x barrel)
Weight 840g


1. Using four LUMINUS SST70 lamp beads
2. Can choose the color temperature of the lamp bead: cool white / neutral (the lamp is SST70 P2 grade)
3. Maximum brightness of 17000 lumens, up to a range of 1 500 meters
4. Has a tactical mode to switch between daily use or search and rescue
5. Use 2 sections / 4 sections / 6 sections / 8 sections 18650 rechargeable power lithium battery (not included). It is recommended to use 18650 3000mAh power lithium battery
7. One-handed, simple and fast operation
8. Built-in advanced intelligent temperature control settings, can automatically adjust the brightness according to the working state of the flashlight and the outside temperature
9. Compatible standard tripod interface, standard screw head
10. Lock function to prevent accidental light
11. Double-coated tempered anti-transparent purple optical lens, higher light transmittance
12. Using metal aluminum reflector
13. Aviation grade aluminum alloy military standard three-stage hard anodizing anti-wear surface treatment

Package included:
1 x Flashlight
1 x Carry Strap
2 x Waterproof O-rings
1 x Manual



How many 18650 does it take?

It can not be “One” with all that output!

2 section/4section/6 section/8 sections??? Are these extensions which are also associated w/ how many 18650?

So Haikelite isn’t dead. Their website is, so I had been wondering.

This is the first I’ve heard of the SST-70. There’s an output test by djozz showing similar output to the XHP50B until significantly overdriven, and a smaller emitter area for more throw.

Yes, I would like to know as well!

HT70 uses 2x/ 4x/ 6x /8x button top high-drain 18650 batteries.

Looklike 2s are directly drived to the LEDs

The tube is quite long for 4*18650, i hope it is 4*21700, it’s easy to find high drain 21700 with high capacity

Btw, I’m in :wink:

They is a super fair price for a light that has decent lux and great output.

I’m in! code please

Price is similar to our previous MT09R gb. I will pm your guys the deal tomorrow (10th).

Thank you.

Description states 5000K OR 6500K. Banggood only gives 6500K option?

1.Any idea what kind of step down and when?


I want one.

I am IN “IF” it indeed comes in Neutral White. :sunglasses: NW Please. Code Please!

I am surprised no one has asked these important questions.Especially #1 and #2.So I will ask them.

1. What is the UI

2. What are the Outputs of the other mode groups?

3. What type of battery carrier if any is used? 2 X 4 carrier with option of using 2/4/6 or 8 batteries?

4. Are 10Amp high drains enough[ MJ1 OR GA’S]?

Off hand the Only 3000mAh high drains I can think of is the 30Q,LG HG2 and the VTC6.

IF 10amps are enough I would prefer the 3500mAh GA’S OR MJ1.


1. ?
2. ?
3. No carrier; one piece battery tube design. All positives face towards driver. All negatives at the springs in the tail cap.
4. 10A like GA is definitely enough. However, there is a chance it uses a FET drive, so you could get a tad more output with something like a 30Q or VTC6. But I doubt you would notice the difference with the naked eye.

From Djozz’s test the output is pulling around 7 amps per LED.

Thanks. I have 8 X GA BT Protected that have about 25 cycles and have been stored since last November…….now they can have a home!

Thanks. That seems to confirm that 10Amp GA’S are enough.


The current going through the LED is not the same as the current going through the batteries.