Fresh Out of the Envelope Impressions . . . Ultra Fire UF-980L

I'm trying something a little different. A full review will follow after I've properly assessed/tested this light but here are a few comments and my first impressions.

I ordered the UF-980L immediately after seeing a few tail cap readings from other people with this light. Here are my measured amps:

high - 4.18

medium - 1.17

low - .19

(my wife moving into the frame getting something from the fridge)

Here's a couple of beam shots against the 3-mode Ultra Fire XM-L we all know and love.

First is an L2P with a 3-mode Ultra Fire XM-L/T6. (the pool is empty because I'm in the process of acid washing it)

Now the Ultra Fire UF-980L.

My first impression is that this is one hell of a bright flashlight. It is easily the brightest in my humble collection and I am restraining myself from gushing about this powerful torch until I've had it a while. So far however, I really like it.

Full review to follow.


I am in flashlight love!!! That is a sweet looking light.

this is currently my fave bright and such a nice package..well worth the 43$ cheers

I hesitated a bit at the price but this bad boy is a real hot rod. It actually has a little throw and about the only negative at this point is the beam profile is a little ringy. Something that does not seem to be an issue outside and/or under real conditions.

Did I say Iliked this guy?



Yeah baby!


I took some fresh readings tonight for someone in another post and to my surprise when I popped in the unprotected Trustfire flame 18650, well I had to take a picture.

Trustfire flame protected 18650s

4.140v High 3.585a Med 1.007a Low .172a

4.063v 3.352a .961a .165a

3.784v 2.376a .702a .123a

Unprotected Trustfire flame 18650

4.178v High 4.586a Med 1.216a Low .188a

I will not be using this battery in this light since I do not want to destroy it!


Well . . . driven this hard, I have to wonder how long we've got with this poor emitter.


Just take a tailcap reading when you put a new battery in and as long as it's below 3.5 amps you should be good.

NICE! Something makes me think that bezel won't look like that much longer.

Though work to do:

but ooo so nice

It throws more than the drop-in but drop-in has way more spill.

Can someone combine the photo's so we get a better sence of the spill and throw.

Notisable is that the emitter is located just after/behind the reflector.

Most of the emitters are located in the neck of the reflector.


It really does look good :)

What are the thread and finish like?

RolloverableFoy :P

I assume they wern't taken with your camera on fixed settings?

I'm pretty sure the settings were the same? 1/4 @f2.8. I'll try it again tonight but I'm almost certain I had like always; shutter priority to 1/4 second to get f2.8.

Thank you very much Piers for doing the mouse-over. Is it hard to do?


Interesting how the spill compares. That mouse-over trick really shows the difference. Must learn to do it - needs to be in every review.


Yeah, that thing is like a laser beam in terms of tight hotspot.

I'd love to see a runtime test on it, but your will probably have to break it up into 10-minute increments to keep it from overheating.

I wonder what driver they use in it to get that 4+A reading.

I'm hoping more drivers come out like they use in the TK35 and 41 where there is a "sensible" high mode and also "Turbo" Mode. Let you get a lot of light but stay in a decent current flow situtation, then go to Turbo when you want all the lumens you can get.

Foy, that light will be on my list as soon as my budget recovers from the TK41

thommy, that Foyerized bezel is a huge improvment!

Impressive... Maybe not so cheap but seems it worth every dollar spent!

dang. I have had this light on the back burner for a while now...Foy, you made me do made me click that paypal button. :D hehehe. I can't wait.

It differs the driver? Or still in other parameters?

The big difference in lumens and a small difference in the price