Friend List from old Site missing with new forum

Hi guys,

anyone knows where is the friend list gone to?
And how can i retrieve all the members from the old list?

Why is there now follow-funtion for members to stay informed when they create now posts/threads?

Hi there, welcome!

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to here?

On the old Website i could add user to my contact list.

Makes me think of panning for gold, or box sifting sand at an archeological dig… shake everything up and the fossils come out.


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Still no answer which gives any useful hints.
So who remembers the feature, knows about the background or can tell about the reimplementation?

Hi @angerdan , I’m sorry I don’t understand the question about what is missing.

On the old Website i could add user to my contact list.

I’m sorry but I don’t remember a contact list. Are you referring to a Windows or mobile phone contact list?

The old website had an friends list, where i could add users manually.
What happened to this feature?

Any news here?

It would also help to be able to follow a person.

Muting and ignoring is possible, why not following?

Hi there @angerdan,

A friends list function did not exist on the old forum.

“Follow user” functionality is not installed.