From Favorite to Shelf Queen

I'm finding that I have to be careful when I get a new light because it's easy to post a report about how great I like the light after I first get it and it's new to me. I have several lights that I thought were the best thing since LED lights were invented only to find that after the newness wears off, they sit on the shelf and almost never get picked up.

It seems like I have to let some time pass before I get a true gauge of how much I like a light. I find that after owning it a few weeks if I still play with it, reach for it or use it, it etches out a spot up front on my desk.

I think back of some of the lights that I thought were great only to find that I don't really like them now and I wish I had the money back so I could order something else.

The ones that I use quite regularly now are these.

Fenix TK41

Shiningbeam Caveman, Blaze and S-mini

Olight M3X and M20s

Zebralight H51

Ultrafire UF-H3

iTP A3 E0S

Some of the others I use occupationally but there are others that I never pick up.