FS: Astrolux MF01S-UV (DANGER)

Bougt brand new astrolux mf01s UV light. I never turned it on so I’m not sure it works so you are buying as-is.

I couldn’t muster the courage to put the batteries in. It comes with the glasses banggood ships with it (your responsibility in ensuring these glasses will protect your eyes from UV damage/radiation.

Warning: this is a very dangerous light, you as a buyer purchasing this item, are solely responsible in ensuring the safety of yourself and other living organisms (pets, animals, humans, wildlife) while handling or operating this light. Not doing so, will have potentially irreversible damage. I will not be responsible in any damages or harm either to property or any thing this light can negatively affect as a result of use/misuse/misconduct of this light by the operator or as a result of any defects of the light itself. This should only be handled by an adult and treated like a weapon, stored in a safe/locked place where no child or person utilize the light.

Educate yourself of how to work with UV lighting regarding safety and operation prior to purchase, thanks!

$100 shipped conus

$100 shipped from Mars! Man, Elon Musk really did revolutionise space travel.

I have absolutely no need or use for this light. but man do I want it! Any trades you’re looking for?

I have no doubt this light can be dangerous. However i’d like a more precise assessment. How bad is it compared to a sunny day at the beach or spring skiing?

BTW: since you have this light; i was curious to know how useful it would be to hunt for luminescent stuff. Can you turn off the UVC leds and only use the UVA part? A quick review would be welcome. :slight_smile:

The problem is protecting your eyes as far as permanent damage goes. UV will cause pain near the damage threshold so you do tend to look away if it is a momentary reflection like from a laser. IR you won’t, you just hear a sizzle/pop and then blackness. Game over. In this case it’s a good amount for relatively longer periods so definitely have the right glasses. I think the danger there is cataracts.
You can get glasses for many wavelengths. I would protect bare skin, too. UV also damages just about everything. Clothes, rubber, etc.

I’ll take it. I’m surprised with your background you didn’t get some use out of it. If anyone else was interested in purchasing, i am humble in my ignorance and I relinquish my hold.

Also, was this always a mule?