FS: brand new Fenix TK75 and extended runtime kit

If interested, EMAIL ME at gumby223@hotmail.com …it’s faster.

brand new Fenix TK75 w/ extended runtime kit $190.00 obo shipped

I just bought this brand new two weeks ago. Once it arrived I discovered it’s slightly too big for my application so I need to sell it to get a different light. It’s the newest version, with the XML-2 led’s. It has about one minute of runtime on it, I made sure it was not DOA. This thing is insanely BRIGHT!!!..and throws for days! Very impressive! I’m selling the flashlight and the extended runtime kit together. I paid $207 two weeks ago. I’m selling them for $190.00 (shipping included). I accept paypal, email me for other forms of payment.
Pictures below are of the actual items. This is listed for sale on other websites as well, I will responed to all inquiries in the order in which they are recieved…by email.

Brandon (gumby223)

Thanks for looking…

Spend your Christmas money here…still for sale!

Santa brought you money?

Elves are counterfeiters?

If only I didn't have property taxes due next month... :_(

bump… it is a good price for TK75, sigh… shoot, I remember when TK75 was the cheapest one was $200 and I paid $40 for the extension.
too bad I already had 2 of them, otherwise I would have jump on this in a heart beat.
it is a very good quality light of combination of flood and throw :smiley:

Bump…still for sale!

I might be interested… How much total shipped to Ontario, Canada ?

Didn’t even see the FS post here. Posted on “the other” forum and emailed you.

I have the same rig. Insane light out of the box. Its a fun conversation piece. Good deal you have posted. Hope one of the new guys can pick this up. It also makes a good paradigm. Good luck on your sale. Free bump for you too. :wink:

I think I have a local buyer for the tk75. I’ll let yall know if they don’t buy it.


Poop. Ok. Let me know. :slight_smile: