FS:BTU Shocker host (sold)

Hey guys i have a nice BTU shocker host for sale i was going to mod it but have changed my mind id like to get $55 shipped

comes with glass lens and custom handle will post pics soon

I’ll take it!

Just send me the pics!

Aw that’s too bad you aren’t going to finish this one, was looking forward to seeing the outcome!

PM sent trade?

it might be sold if not. ill think about the trade….i wish i had the time to finish it but i got alot of gift builds to finish lol

Guys, I’m withdrawing my I’ll take it. Let someone more experienced take this one.

Courtesy bump!

Ah screw it I’ll take it

PayPal sent.


SOLD anyone need some new 18650 battery’s :slight_smile: if so check my other FS thread