FS bunch of 18650 batteries + 4 26650 batteries - SOLD!


Selling some batteries i’ve had in storage, most around 2 years old. List as follows.

4 NCR18650B protected
2 NCR18650B button top
2 NCR18650PF button top
4 NCR18650PD flat top
2 Sony vtc4 flap top
2 Samsung INR 24R flap top
2 Samsung INR 20R flap top
2 MNKE 26650 3500 flat top
2 KK ICR 4000 button top
4 “EH” IMR 2500 flat top - Ebay from seller r-Isales

NO efest 16650 batteries

Most other batteries bought from FT. Will come as seen as above and will be well packaged. $40 shipped to lower 48 only.

I bought new replacements is reason why im selling, too many batteries as is. Verified PP for payment, PM for info.

PS Also reducing my collection, will be posting lights later to include BTU shocker (Tom mod), Vinh tk75, tk61 (Tom), FF IV hid and more.

can you estimate how much they have been previously used?

I suppose you aren’t interested in splitting them up?

Package deal only atm, only batteries i used were 4 NCR18650PD flap top in M6.

Not wanting to make $$ just give another user decent deal on good batteries.

Ill drop price to $35 shipped for lot, shipping probably cost 10 bucks.


If not already sold, I will take them, PM sent.

I woudl take them if you shipped to Canada.

Pending to Muto.

Backup, I'll buy them too! Hell, I'll give you 50 for them.

Paypal sent, done deal,