FS: Copper Pill for Courui

For Sale:

$30.00 + Shipping

One copper pill for a Courui.

I debated (with myself) on how to make this without making it too complicated yet still be efficient at removing heat. I toyed with the idea of a slip fit piece with a set screw to locate it, but decided that a press fit would be better at transferring heat to the body. Ideally, I would make an exposed copper section like Dale's M8 and C8 flashlights are. But I invest a ton of time in those. So I decided on a press fit instead.

The pill is one thousandth over sized for my Courui. Mine is 1.340" at it's smallest. No it wasn't perfectly round . I made it 1.341". I suggest measuring your light before buying to see if it will fit or not. If your light is similar in size, it may still fit but may be a bugger to get in. A .001" press fit is fairly easy with a piece of wood and a hammer.

The shoulder height is designed for a Noctigon mounted XM-L2 or MT-G2.


That is a hunk of copper.

If Im wrong I’ll delete this post… but didnt someone crack their couri a while back, around where the pill entered the housing and ruin it? I wonder if this might have the same outcome in some lights if pressed or pounded into place. Otherwise, your copper pill looks great.

I’m in need of something like this. Can you give me a shipping quote to Perth Australia


In this case, the press fit is not terribly tight. It should tap in somewhat easily. It would really have to be tight to crack the body.

Thanks guys. If necessary, perhaps some light hand sanding of the aluminum pill cavity with a piece of 350 grit sand paper wrapped around a large wooden dowel could alleviate a tight fit before its pressed/tapped into place.

That's nice. Too bad I don't have one of those lights yet.

If FlashPilot is not taking this then I will. PM sent

Sold to pinkpanda.

If anyone else wants one, I can make them on an as needed basis.

Rice Krispies Treats included?

What the hell. Sure.

Freeze the copper pill in dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Makes it smaller till it warms up. Wear gloves and if you use nitrogen, a face shield.

I can't believe it, but it only took one week to go from Pennsylvania, USA to Perth Australia! I am surprised as hell. The parts that I sent to Matt took forever.

And I won’t be needing any liquid nitrogen 8)

Thanks for the deal Bucket.

Whoa, that is one serious looking pill. Congrats pinkpanda.

Missed this thread in the first go. Wonderful job. Sweet looking pill for sure.

Must weigh a lot more with that installed though!

That’s cool. Post some pictures for us Panda.

So, do you think I could pull the restrictions on my driver and run it at 100% with one of these?

It pulled over 14A for 4481 lumens with no restrictions.

Question…could you make it longer and mill a flat for the e-switch to clear? Since it’s a press fit it will go in a specific location straight down, a flat milled at the correct level would allow another 1/4” or more of copper to be utilized. Am I thinking right on that?

Yes, I could make it longer and mill a flat for the e-switch wires. I don't have it in front of me right now, but I believe doing that would allow it to extend closer to 1/2" or more further depending on what driver you use.