FS: Defiant Headlamps!!

Hey guys I have some Defiant headlamps for sale, both new and used!

1. Defiant 6 LED: Model # 809-2621-D

  • 4 white, 2 red
  • 2 mode: white, red
  • FL1 85 Lumens
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • HD link
  • broken AAA clip

2-3. Defiant 5 LED: Model # 809-2613-D

  • 3 modes: low, high, slow strobe
  • FL1 40 Lumens
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • HD link

4. Defiant 4 LED Model # HD12OTB52

  • 3 regular LEDs, 1 CREE XB-D
  • 4 modes: 1 led, 3 leds, XB-D, all on
  • FL1 100 Lumens
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • HD link

Each are $5 or $18 for the lot!

Shipping is free CONUS. PM me for international rates and options.


About these headlamps , I have some ??’s

1—Any pics of these headlamps with batteries installed, working ?

2—Broken AAA battery holder> (A)-working ok ?—(B)-For which headlamp ?

3—Which ones are new or used ?


1. Yes the batteries are included in all lights!

2. a. It will work if you solder a piece of soldering braid or any other solderable material to make contact with the negative connection inside the body.

b. The first one

3. 1 and 4 are used, 2 and 3 are brand new never used. It came in a pack of 5.

Answers to ??’s

#1—Misunderstanding about this question. I meant , Do you have

any pictures of the headlamps in the operating mode ?—With light

coming out , showing that they are in working condition.

#2—AAA Battery holder—So, the answer to (A) Is No, it’s not working

at this time, because it needs soldering work on it. You also stated that it

belongs to Headlamp #1 in your post. I assume that #1 cannot work now,

because of the required solder work needed on the battery holder. Is that right ?

Yes sir, you are certainly correct!

Shot at 1/60 sec (rollover for 1/2 sec exposure)