FS- FF4 HID, NIB...The One and Only....

FS - FF4
The one and only, mighty FF4 HID
Yes it has a beautiful tint, and is the smallest, brightest flashlight in the world supposedly.
Crazy throw, like close to a mile from what I have measured.
used about 10 minutes, perfect.
$200 + shipping

This light will become a collectible as from what I understand they are not producing them any longer.

ooh… would love to own that… how about trade? :smiley:

Good price compared to the one on CPF (started at $260 and is now $245 + shipping)

Yeah, but (if we’re talking about the same one) doesn’t that one include batts?

4 cells doesn’t = $45 difference.

This one is also listed on CPF fyi…

“It comes with a 4x Panasonic NCR18650B which are on their first charge cycle (recommended for this light), an extra battery carrier, an extra switch and a 67mm camera lens cover (as well as a home-made lanyard yeah I know it’s ugly but it works).”

Maybe not $45, closer to $30. IF they’ve REALLY got one cycle. Plus some other extras. And he’s shipping from Singapore.

WHYAMIEVENTALKINGABOUTTHIS?? Zero affiliation with the dude. Just bored I ’spose.