FS: LD-1 driver (5Amp pwm-less linear)-SOLD

Paypal sent for 3! Thanks for all your hard work on this!

led4power, when will you be shipping these out?

Most of them are shipped(first come first serve).

PP sent for Qty 3. Great job in getting it done!

Get my order today.

They are real looking well.

PP sent for 3 drivers :slight_smile:

My 2 drivers were in the mail box an hour ago.Proper anti static bag and all.Impressed.

Please, did you use a tracking shipment?


No,tracking number is optional(+3$).

3 drivers arrived. Well packaged, looking good. This will be a good weekend. :smiley:
Thx a lot.

Couldn’t resist, had to test one, clicky switch only for now. Only on a test rig and only with a Sanyo 2600, as 5A might fry my testing LED (I just developed a dire need for an LED on copper with ample cooling for testing).
Result: 4 modes; 11mA / 100mA / 1047mA / all-the-Sanyo-can-deliver-mA; off-time memory. Very good so far. And there is much more to explore.

Not sure why shipping to me always takes longer than the estimated time. No problem though. There is no rush..

Recieved my drivers today! :) :party:

Probably because Norway is outside of EU(union).

Imagine my surprise and great pleasure when I saw the little package in the mailbox from Croatia! :bigsmile:

These are Beautiful! :slight_smile: And the anti-static bag they’re in is so professional, thank you very very much for leaving my 4 intact in the one piece board, just love it!

I’ll have to separate them, of course, but will do so one at a time as they are used. :frowning:

Now to take pictures to commemorate this huge effort!


I cant wait to get back home, I might have presents waiting!!

A quick For the Record telling of my first use…

I took these numbers with a Mastech clamp meter at the emitter, via a short loop of 20ga wire between the negative driver lead and the star…light fully assembled with an XM-L2 U2 1A on a copper direct thermal path star and running without the bezel and reflector, spring bypasses top and bottom…

0.02A at 3.933 lumens
0.12A at 42.1935 lumens
0.99A at 409.86 lumens
4.82A at 1604.25 lumens

the meter varied on the .02A reading, going between .01 and .02. As well as between .11 and .12 on the low mode. This was using a Panasonic NCR18650PF cell at 4.20V, I tried the top end with a freshly charged Efest 35A and got the same number.

For me, this translates into SWEET! :bigsmile:

If you’re on the fence over whether or not to get this driver, just go for it!

I put one in a Fenix TK22 that was originally set up with a tail clicky for on/off and a side switch for modes. It was also rather anemic, with some 600 lumens. The LD-1 went in hard, as the original driver was a 2 board set-up, but now that it’s in I’m loving it! The tail clicky works all the modes in normal form, for use as a tactical light. The side clicky works the light as an e-switch normally would, provided power is on at the tail switch. So it’s the best of both worlds, with a lock-out for the side switch. And I gained a doubling of output to over 1200 lumens! :slight_smile:

I Highly recommend this driver. :love:

(also put one in a Sinner Ti light, this one was super easy to install and works like a champ on the tail switch.)

Dale, yer killin’ me! I want this driver, but don’t currently have the funds! :_(

That kind of indevers should be supported, bravo
Whats your practise OP, direct PP payment or i should wait for an invoice?
Also, do you happen to have some spare 20mm Cu direct thermal pads?( will pay aditionaly ofc)
Waiting for your PM,

PM sent.

PP send for 8 drivers. Thanks