FS - Panavise 301 new ** SOLD

I apparently buy things in multiple and don’t realize it until I force myself to clean up the garage.

I came across a brand new 301 Panavise I don’t need (the other one is still good and well used).

Asking $25 plus actual shipping cost. (I can always calculate shipping and let someone know. My wife apparently gets discounts for business, so I’m sure I can keep it low.)

I don’t mind shipping it, but it’s a bit heavy so shipping overseas is not cost effective. Would like to keep this in the U.S.

I'll take it! PM Sent.

I have the 350 and I can use this on at another bench. TL

I’ll take it!

Vise is sold

Thanks for all the interest.

H'mm, and Mrs Texas Lumens informed me that Mr Texas Lumens already had enough vices. Oh the shame.

You don't be chatting with Mrs. TL... I have more than enough problems without any help!!! Danged Aussies! TL.

Got My Vise from Sprinkles!! I actually received it 2 or 3 days ago but haven't had time to open the box until this evening.

I wanted to show it off a little. Super nice... Thanks Sprinkles!!

Sorry, these are just cell phone images....

Came in the box!!

Here it is with big brother! It will live on a different bench but I thought I would show them both.