FS: SmallSun ZY-T29 RGBW (the lowest price MELD light to date!)

Hey guys this is my second MELD UI light (using my driver). This is a SmallSun ZY-T29, Its got a gen2 XML color (on a sinkpad) and my driver for tterev3's "MELD" UI (no UV channel). This MELD chip has a very small amount of customization, first the locator beacon has been switched to run on the UV channel (therefore there is no locator beacon on this light since again there is no UV channel), also the police strobe has been switched off (I wasn't big on its location directly after one of the "mood lighting" levels (after fire mode, I didn't like it switching to such an intense level). Everything else is standard MELD. Here is a sales thread from just last week from tterev3 with a full description of his UI and a video demo, I recommend you pause the video on a frame where you can see the flow chart he made and screen shot it to reference till you learn the UI.

My driver runs each emitter at 2A however cause of the high voltage overhead of the circuit design I use a single 4.2v cell cant supply the voltage to run all 4 die's at that level at the same time, max draw on turbo is about 5.5A (however when any one color is on max it will do the full 2A to that channel). Also note the real DC-Fix (which can be removed easily).

The exterior of the light is slightly modded, you can see the shallow crenellations I filed into the bezel, I did this when I was using this light as a test host and needed to be able to verify the die's were shutting all the way off when the light was set down on its face. If it doesnt sell before then I may clean it up in the next day or so but dont count on it (I'm currently the only one in my household who hasen't came down with flu like symptoms in the past 72 hours so not sure if I got lucky or if I'll be sick starting tomorrow...) [dont worry I will wipe the light down with rubbing alcohol when I box it up to keep you from getting any germs]

Asking price is $75 and I only ship priority w/ tracking making the total price $78 CONUS+3 (or $88 intl). I accept paypal. As far as I'm aware this is the cheapest any MELD light has ever been offered for, get it while you can!

only a few exterior photos, mostly build pic's and pic's of the color mixing.

(Mouseover = light on in blue, slightly different position)

Mouseover = tail up, red light leaking out crenellations (light switched on, all die's shut fully of when they should be off)

Color / Color mixed pic's

red / orange

All on max / Cyan

Build Pic's

Driver (kapton is for insulation, ignore the solder joints you see in the LED wires, those are not there in the finished light, extensions were added to the LED wires to fish them threw the head, they were removed when soldering the leads to the MCPCB)

emitter (mouseout = finished, mouseover = fishing wires threw)

Allright guy's thanks for looking! I'm selling this light today for different reasons that usual, yesterday (9/28) was the 2 year anniversary of my father's death. My little sister and I are just now ready to spread his ashes at a place we've finally decided was worthy, the $75 I'm asking for this will be gas / lunch money for the 200mile round trip back to the fishin' hole he always took me to when I was a kid with his dad.

Yes. A colour xml with meld :slight_smile: If this was a small zoomie I would snap this up.

appreciate all the great flashlight deals (custom of course) that you are offering to the Forum, thanks! It takes much restraint on my part ‘not’ to purchase one. Not sure that will last however.