FS Tank 007 E10 SOLD

Hey guys I just got my Little Tank 007 E10 in yesterday and while it is a pretty cool looking light it just does not live up to what I expect a $20 AAA light to be so I will cut my losses and just sell it. It was purchased as being a throwy AAA light and to its credit it does slightly out throw my A3T that I also got in yesterday until you pop in a 10440. With the LI-on cell the A3T turns into a snarling little monster starting out at 400 lumens and ending up about 245 after 30 seconds and hot enough that it is actually uncomfortable to hold. I do not recommend a 10440 in the A3T. The Tank on the other hand gets a decent little gain without me being afraid of it self destructing. It went from 41 lumens on an Ultimate Lithium to 127 on an Efest IMR 10440. Throw increased from 580 to 1610cd. Still I just do not care for it. It just feels cheap. It came in the cool little tin that the Tanks come in with a couple of spare o rings. I paid $20.43 for it but if some one is interested I will take $15 shipped in the CONUS. I am 0 for 2 with Tank lights so far. I sure hope my 703 coming in fares a little better. Unfortunately I use my ITP A3 as a standard for AAA lights so maybe I expect too much from these little Chinese lights.

I’ll take it!

PM inbound!

I got the E09 and E10, and there is an exc. review/write-up by Kreisler on the E10. I love my Titanium Innovations (titanium) AAA (titanium-illuminati-ca1-xp-g2)- running a 10440, it blazes, and it's light as a feather, but only for $50 . I gifted a few also - it's very bright on a good alkaline cell too.


red 703 is on sale too