FS _ Thorfire S70 Translucent Switch Covers @ $0.75

For sale: Translucent side switch covers for Thorfire S70.

Cost $0.75 for U.S. customers, including first class postage. Cost for mailing is too high for international customers.

I have 14 for sale. Sign up here or PM me. I will PM you with the payment instructions.

Limit one to a customer. If you need more, I suggest that you order them directly from Kaidomain: “[link]”:http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S024948


  1. tzmxxhh
  2. chooma
  3. Andyman
  4. Killforfood
  5. tru3s1lv3r
  6. jhalb
  7. Texas_Ace
  8. Mr.Scott
  9. randyhoang

Wait List


This replacement switch cover is approximately 10mm x 8mm, whereas the original cover is approximately 10mm x 6mm. Not an exact fit (see pictures below), but works just as well as the original as far as operating the switch is concerned.

The slightly thicker flange causes the switch retaining ring to stick up about a half-millimeter more than the original. Because the retaining ring does not snug completely down to the flashlight body, there is a slightly increased risk of water intrusion via the threads. I would recommend against intentionally dunking or using this flashlight (with the translucent switch cover) submerged underwater.

Before and after pictures of the switch (like night and day!):

Removal of the side switch retaining ring is a simple process of unscrewing it. See this link if you need further instructions: Sky Ray king ..lost button - #16 by Shaquille

You can use a pair of long-nosed pliers, snap ring pliers, or tweezers as a tool for removing the retaining ring. It is not screwed on very tightly. However, be very careful not to scratch the anodized finish of the flashlight or the retaining ring.

Are those KD ones ? I just ordered 5 of them
EDIT : okay I’m dumb, you said that in your post. Anyway, thanks for the before/after pics

Yes, they are the KD ones.

I’m just offering these up for people who only need one and who don’t like to wait the two or three weeks that it typically takes for shipping overseas. :innocent:

Sweet! I will take one.

PM sent.

I don’t need one, but I like your community spirit !

Yes 1 please……


PM sent. You’re #2 on the list. :slight_smile:

great solution for this grey button issue
People dedome expensive LEDs, this looks like something that can be made a perfect fit with a razor.

Paypal sent R….thank you

I’ll take one! Haven’t even ordered my S70 yet, but I fear it’s inevitable… :wink:

PM sent. Andyman is #3 on the list.

Posted in this morning’s mail to Tzmxxhh, Chooma, and Andyman. :innocent:

Thank you Sir….

Looks like I need one as well

Payment received. Thanks Killforfood, #4 on the list.

Last bump.

This sale has been going on for a week now, so I guess whoever was interested has gotten theirs. I’ll continue monitoring this thread for another few more days. After that, if anyone happens to stumble across this thread and is still interested, please send me a PM.

Got mine yesterday - thanks! :cool:

You’re welcome!