FS Thrunite Ti3 modded to High CRI

added sw45k to first post

fwiw, I also have available some nice floody TiR as an option

pic is a link to more info


price drop to $40 plus shipping

all the lights are now floody, I installed TiR

you still can have the option to request a reflector instead of TiR

Looks like great nightstand lights. Just got 5 of these or I would have bought one of yours.
Buy with confidence. Great reputation.

added a warm floody, #4 in first post

Did you mean to go below $40 on your post today? It looks like prices on OP are same as your 12/6 post.

The lights are tempting for sure.

thanks for helping me reduce chaos and confusion

the price is $40 plus ship

or if you would like to mod your own, Im happy to share info… here are some highlights:

The pill unscrews easily:

remove centering ring:

unsolder the red and black wires

and remove LED Star

reflow a new LED:


They make nice beams w stock reflector:

Pebbled TiR option , thanks to moderator007 sharing his research:

really fun floody beam upgrade:

SOLD #3. Thrunite Ti3 with High CRI 219b 4500k 9080 sw45k

I’d like to have a 3500k led. If you can let me know which would throw better (not expecting 465000kcd from this thing), should i go with reflector, tir etc.? Send me PayPaI info again. I also have a c8 that could use some help.

thanks for your interest

imo the most throwy option would be

reflector and 219b

price is $40, my paypal is jon_slider at yahoo,
please use goods and services, I pay fees and postage

random thoughts:

I have two 3500k options:
219b 3500k 9080 and
LH351d 3500k 9050

wider hotspot from LH351d is not as throwy as the smaller hotspot of the 219b

For throw, the reflector is king. The Pebbled TiR is designed for diffusion, it is NOT throwy at all, regardless what LED is behind it.

this is what I love the Pebbled TiR option for:
The Tir diffuses the hotspot almost complely, creating a diffussed beam similar to a McGizmo Mule beam, with a less extreme spread.

some thoughts about beam types, using McGizmo models for illustration, the first two are floody, a mule, and a sundrop aspheric:

The Tir Im using in the Ti3 is 25 degree beam angle, a mule is 180degree spread… To me the TiR beam angle spread is better, similar to the beam spread of a McGizmo Sundrop, without the ugly beam cutoff ring around the outside. The TiR beam is soft and diffused at the edges like a mule…

The beam from the TiR is Outstanding for indoor distances and arms length applications. I owe a large debt of gratitude to Moderator007 for sourcing this TiR. imo it creates a Grail beam for my aaa use, indoors.

pebbled Tir on left, reflector on right

hotspot from reflector is more suitable outdoors, it gives considerably more throw than the Pebbled TiR, more like a tiny McGizmo Haiku beam (reflector with tight hotspot):

I have no C8 experience, suggest you ask gunga or Vinh

I have some reservations about recommending a Ti3 for throwy applications, because the first and second modes are very low, it will seem that max throw use is going to require triple twisting. These lights are optimized for low light and indoor distance range use, pretty much the opposite end of the use spectrum from Throwy lights, that also tend to be high output. For example the LiIon powered aaa lights.

also, high cri reduces throw and lumens, and warm white reduces throw and lumens also… all that to say, Throw is not really something I would associate with these tiny AAA lights… but still, the reflector is much throwyer than the pebbled Tir, and the Nichia will have a tighter hotspot than the LH351d

for a budget High CRI Throwy AAA, I recommend the Sofirn C01S, that starts on Hi

I see the light. Payment sent

confirmed, and thank you
will update when shipped

proof of light :slight_smile:

Sent you a pm

Got everything. Thanks for the extras. I’m going to play with them a bit before I switch lenses. I think I’m going for a 2700k next time. It seems like the warmer I get, the warmer I want

Glad all arrived safely :+1:

fwiw, the 2700k is available in LH351d. It makes a very nice floody option, as the LED is larger. It is a good option for full dark adapted situations, such as a nightstand light.

otoh, the 3500k option you chose, is a favorite for a number of very experienced people, including archimedes, as a general EDC.

I like 3500k in the evening, as it is slightly cooler than my 3000k house lights. This makes the LED light seem slightly “whiter”, and makes the beam seem brighter.

no wrong choices, options for different ambient light environments vary, based on the brains adaptation.


Sent a response to your offer. Hope to make many more transactions in the future.

Jon-SLider - I really like this mod, thanks for sharing! i have 4 xeno e03’s coming in. I just found this “little” AA light and i love it (researching found that the e03 was a popular light 6-8 years ago! well it still is awesome). I would like to mod one with a nichia, i have already done one with a sst40 5000k, but would like some high cri options.

where is a good place to source some of these nichia emitters you have here?

Thank you!



I buy the Nichias from our member azhu, his sales thread is here

I highly recommend his offerings.

I also buy a specific extra pink sw45k from Bob_McBob, his sale thread is here

I googled your xeno lights (no experience), they use Cree XM-L2 led, so to use Nichia you need to change the mcpcb… one source is mountain electronics (they also sell some LH351d, preinstalled on an mcpcb, of various sizes)

I also buy mcpcb to use with my Nichia swaps, from ogazent (I discard the LED they come with).

in some of my lights, swapping from Cree XM-L2 led, to nichia, creates less than ideal beams, due to the larger hole at the base of the Cree XM-L2 reflector. In some cases I get a better beam using the LH351d in lights that originally came w Cree XM-L2 led. (I have no love for the High CRI options of Cree XM-L2 led, Im a diehard Nichia lover).

credit for these parts sources goes to moderator007, a tremendously helpful member here.

fwiw, I generally dont just buy one or two LEDs or mcpcbs… I try to make the vendors time worthwhile, by buying 10 at a time…, but they will ship smaller numbers if desired.

suggest you post a new thread with photos of your xeno, I will be curious to learn more about it

enjoy your lights, and Happy Modding… this is a great forum for getting support with modding. I will be happy to share info, and applause :slight_smile:

Got the 2700k. Like it the best. The warmth is there, and it covers the area I need it to. Will experiment with the tir later

thanks for the update
Glad you are enjoying the 2700k with the pebbled TiR…

stay safe and enjoy


fwiw, Ti3 are on sale, I bought a few more, if anyone wants one modded to High CRI, PM me

if you want to mod your own, Im happy to share how to info, Free of charge. See this post for modding pics and PM me if you have questions.