FS: Tom E Small Sun T08

I am selling this great T08 built by Tom E. I hate to sell it but I also dislike having multiple flashlights with similar beam patterns. Here are the specs provided by Tom E:

lumens: 1,271 at start, 1,224 at 30 secs, throw of 209 kcd (taken at 4.3 meters)

XM-L2 U2 Cool white emitter (1A-1C), Noctigon copper star, copper added for heat sinking, UCL/p AR lens (from flashlightlens.com), Nanjg driver custom programmed and mod’ed to 4.2A, tailcap springs wired with copper braid, 22 gauge high temp wire.

Very low run time (minutes). I have a k40 built by Vihnnguyen which is taking its place of the T08.

I can text or email pics if needed.

$85 shipped within the states.

beam me up scotty! this will go fast!

I don’t understand what low runtime means?

Oops. Sorry. I thought Tom E was for sale.

Hardly used… Maybe a total of a few minutes since I got it.

Oh I thought you meant the light only lasts minutes on a set of batteries.

No, I think it’s Tom E’s small son…could be wrong :open_mouth:

This is a sweet light guys. I have the exact same light and no way would I part with mine. Back in June when Brother and I were in Big Bend National Park, This is one of about 5 or six lights in our collection that actually made the 975M shot to Casa Grande. It is a very impressive light that is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket.

It is an amazing light and can’t really believe I’m selling it. Not in a rush to sell but can use the money right now.

PayPal accepted.

I keep wondering how Vinh’s Sunwayman T45Cvn would compare to this.

I only got daughters! Smile. But only got one left for sale, the older one is married (bought) already...

Here's some pics on this specific light's mods:

Stock setup:

Supplementing the pill top with a copper disc:

Heat sinking added to the inside pill top (copper disc, copper wires soldered in, thermal epoxied to the pill):

The stripped driver, now a contact board, copper discs (from the Bopper on Etsy), Nanjg driver, star:

De-domed XM-L2 U2 - this will be reflowed onto the copper disc:

This is all the pics of this specific light.


Where did you get those copper disc’s from? What is Etsy?


You answered your own question - I got them at Etsy Smile. http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bopper?ref=shop_sugg.

The "Bopper" is the woman who has a store on the Etsy site. I originally got this source from posts by Old-Lumens. If there is anything in a size you want not listed, just ask her - she is very accomodating -- everything I've asked for she got for me.

Well whaddya know,

Never heard of etsy before!

My credit card thanks you