FT: My custom xml smoothie + more to come


If you'll recall my Patrón inspired creation from a few months back...

(please read the link for the build/details)

Well, after making it's rounds to ChicagoX, Johnnymac, and Langj for I.S. testing it's been sitting on my shelf aquiring a very nice patina. The time has come for me to start making more shelf space for upcoming mods, so I'm letting this one go. As stated, it's currently not as shiney as in the pictures above, but that could be brought back rather quickly with a little polish, although I kind of like the current look (I'll post a pic up in the morning).

As stated in the title...this is "For trade". I don't like trying to attach $ figures to things I make, so I'd rather trade it off. What for? Pretty much open to anything really (no P60 stuff though). There's a lot of lights I haven't played with yet, also interesting parts, knives, misc gear, etc. Not to mention, I'm a big fan of trading/bartering. Hell, surprise me!

Have something you no longer need/use and would like to trade? Post it here or shoot me a PM.... I'm easy.

Traded to JohnnyMac!

I will be posting more lights "For trade" similar to this soon... so this'll be updated in the future.

How about a HD2010? Throws like a thrower and I’m dying to see what you can do with 4+ amps and an XML on copper.

EDIT: Sorry to see you’ve already done that

This light is very cool, folks. It made a bit over 500 lumen out-the-front in my sphere.

that thing is nice looking….
probably wont do nothing for ya, but all i got left to part with is a tf-r2 thats practically new… got it with plans to mod it, but im a slacker.

actually, the tf-r2 is “technically” a p60… the reflector, obviously is not p60, but the pill is technically a p60 size pill… there has been a lot of talk about this host on here. the major difference in the pill is its threaded the whole length

on top of the tf-r2, i can offer a huge thanks to you at my next Thursday feast :face_with_monocle:

edit: also wanted to ask, from my quick browse of the other thread, im assuming the retaining ring and tail cap is made from brass? could be wrong, but appears that way to me

That's a pretty nice light, but I don't have anything I'm willing to part with though. ;)

If you want to stop the patina (and some people don't) try Renaissance wax or even regular automotive wax. I use the normal auto wax (which works well) because I've only just found out about the Renaissance wax. Apparently the Renaissance wax is great, and even a bake on protection called ProtectaClear can be used for a permanent solution. All of these are only good on non-electrical faces of course. Still looking into them myself...just thought I'd mention it in case the potential new owner wanted to keep it looking shiny

PM'ed you yesterday about this, Match. ;)

Omg Match, I'll put a price on it. For rojos $55 $125 shipped CONUS, $60 $130 shipped International. First person posting.... Sorry, I got carried away.

I love that light, always have. The mix of Copper, aluminum and brass makes it unique.

You ought to try selling it, or if you want a broker, let me know, LOL. I'll do it for peanuts, literally...

People, if you don't have something to trade, offer greenbacks for trade. They usually work about anywhere.

got a red dot scope I don’t use

It's probably worth more than that.

The emitter, driver, optic, and switch cost more than $20 just themselves. The rest of it is custom milled. And it's one of a kind.

This is the kind of thing that would go for $150 or more on CPFM.


Match, I just saw your sweet ZL H51 Nichia mod. You gotta post that here man!

You have a link to it? Finding stuff there is a b!tch.

That’s a very nice light and the barter idea is a good one. I hope to have something cooked up by post#1k but the kitchens been mostly shut down recently so I’ll have to pass this time.

I'm reluctant to link there just out of principle.

Edit: Match had already posted it on BLF.


You got a nice light there JohnnyMac. This was one of the lights that hit me like a train to give making lights a go. I still look at it and marvel at what a bloke built drinking and enjoying himself in his own little world.

Thanks, Match! I know a little lady who will be thrilled to own this light. Her eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when I showed it to her while doing the IS testing on it. First torch she ever drooled over. LOL! I can't say I blame here. ;)

Ain’t that the truth! I bow to the King!