FT03 Programming Help - Cannot Get it, I give up!

I have finally have the hang of button clicks for anduril, easier for me with a tail cap switch though instead of side switch. Funny, when my wife hears those button clicks she knows what’s going on… “are you messing with that flashlight again??” Lol

My FT03 is not “breathing”. It is staying solid green, even during charging. What is the matter?

The FT03 does not have Andruil. It has NarsilM 1.3? Not the same, I get them confused all the time.

You cannot programme the button LED like Andruil, it stays solid green.

Narsil is Anduril’s predecessor

From CRX his very useful thread UI Cheat Sheets

IMHO, these are great systems but you need a screen of some sorts. Companies like Nitecore have implemented small displays on their larger lights for this purpose. You should not have to carry a manual around to use a flashlight. Its just not right. Andrul uses clicks and blinks to tell you what its doing. Well guess what , after two clicks and two blinks, its gets pretty confusing. The only thing you are controlling is light output.

There are countless posts on this forum that where people locked themselves out of the light. This can mean life or death in some situations. Not a laughing matter.

So tell me, how far have we come from the 10+ year old tail switch system? You had your low,med,high,strobe, and sos. No manual needed.

So now with the electronic switch , you have to lock it out because its too easy to press.

Add some sort of display to Anruil and you have a winning combination.

The screen does not have to display graphics, just text and possibly a line or two.