Full Brass Fireflies E07 Pre-order Interest

My Ti E07 has Samsung LH351D’s, pretty potent on a Samsung 30T 21700 cell. :smiley:

How difficult would rate this swap? I’ve done a few triples, but never 7x LEDs at one time. Any tips? I’d love me some LH351D’s

wow. sliced the dome?

HI Jacky

Im interested for SST20 E07

aux led is violet


No, I leave the domes on. It’s close but works if you’re careful about centering the emitter on the pads and press excess solder out from under them. I like the W6 5000K for the highest power factor, they have a nice tint in my opinion, better for me than higher CRI variants. If I remember right it makes around 7000 lumens, cell should be charged now so I’ll check it…

On a fresh charged 30T my Ti E07 starts off at 6610 lumens.

My clear aluminum E07 on a fresh charged 30T starts off at 7710 lumens. :smiley:

Do not attempt. In hindsight I got lucky once and unlucky twice. I ended up just shaving all of them.

I’ve been persistent three times. :smiley:

The first one I worked on the mcpcb a lot so maybe that helped

What went wrong? I see some emitters look cockeyed relative to the TIR, but that could be camera angle… Or is this that some of the phosphors look discolored?

Dale, what magic are you doing to get 3/3 right? (I assume “lots of practice” might be a good part of the answer)

that’s the camera angle. The discoloration is where the silicone dome got torn some tightening the bezel

I didn’t actually say it was easy, I said I was persistent. :wink: 7 emitters is a bit more challenging, 18 is even more fun! lol

Jack i hope you don’t mind posting this beauty...

Stunning. This one is from ff-light.com.

Are they shipping?

Ok, that looks way too smooth for golden anodizing.

Is this a copper-gold plated light?

If so, this must cost quite a bit more than the regular FF E07, but less than the CU E07.

I thought it was the brass version

Looks like a different switch retaining ring than previous e07’s.

It’s a brass and looks like all the parts are.

I think Jack will start shipping on Monday after mid autumn festival, like all chinese shops

Oh yeah!

Hi LightDecay

Beautiful FF collection...CU and Brass