Fulton angle head

Ok, I have this original Fulton angle head light. I love the look and the durability of it. I just want to modernize it to led with rechargeables.
What suggestions do you folks have for this project?
Batteries and led.

That unit won’t be designed to transfer the heat from a modern LED module out. I think I would use a drop-in bulb like this one to keep the light OEM and to prevent damage:

…and just run the light off some NiMH AA-sized rechargeables using a pair of AA->D sized adapters:

Also compare DorcyDirect (and Sears)
for PR2 replacement bulbs that cost considerably less

I have a few, 2 angle heads and a navy straight one.

I have the original bulb and extra, but bought this 30 lumen led bulb for them http://www.amazon.com/Dorcy-41-1643-Lumen-Volt-Replacement/dp/B003MP8MGY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1447795289&sr=8-1&keywords=dorcy+led+bulb&pebp=1447795304186&perid=069F21YBQX7C9RQJQJZ1

I keep the lights stock, and store the led bulb for EMP protection, I did have the AA to D adapters, but prefer the Tenergy NiMH D batteries that I bought.

I also like the angled Army flashlight form, and the EMP angle gave me the excuse to keep them, and they also make for good loaners and very long running blackout lights with the led bulb.

The long run time is the goal here. What are the best rechargeable D cells to buy?

I guess the best is probably the Powerex and the Maha Imedion, but for me the value is in Tenergy 10,000 mAh LSD.

Here are 8 of those for $59.00.

NiMH Ds are pricey, that’s why the battery size adapters are handy. Look around, I think you can find a 2xAA (parallel) to D adapter somewhere.
Be wary of the older, outdated light blue Tenergy NiMH no longer on Tenergy’s website (not the newer white ones linked above, which ought to be fine).

I have all the adapters for 1, 2, and 3AAs to D batteries, but when I broke down and finally bought some actual Tenergy D batteries, it really woke up my rediscovery of the world of D battery flashlights, vintage flashlights, D battery lanterns, D battery boom boxes, old garage sale flashlights.

If one can afford it, I strongly recommend biting the bullet and buying the D cells.

The Xtar VC4 charger is a great charger, and it also happens to charge D cells.

my mx-xxx anglehead and straight military lights have copper reflectors that do fine as a heatsink provided you dont get too crazy with drive levels.
a mag dropin can do well here as it will stay cooler and droop less.

? I realize the white ones are low self-discharge but what’s wrong with the blue ones? I have about a dozen of them that I’ve been using for almost ten years and they’re still going.

I have to agree with tekwyzrd, I have 20 or so of the blue, Tenergy D cells that have been going strong for 6-8 years. Not a single failure and I’m sure they’ve lost some capacity but not that I can tell in normal use.

I have 12 of the LSD whites and 8 of the blues, the blues seem fine to me as well.

Anybody care to update T Energy performance?

Are the green/white LSD vs Premium better for intermittent usage?

Or, do the Premium (blue/white) hold there charge sufficient?


Tenergy stuff has been a crapshoot.
Some are ok and some die in 3 cycles.
Some even die at random in deer feeders with solar attached.
Same in game cameras.
It dies and i find 1 or 2 shorted cells and the others 75% or better charged

Are you using “Premium” cells?

A mix.
Over 2 years i have pitched 10 or so c and d.
Funny the ones that hold up are panasonic 6.5ah cells made for honda.
Datecode is 98-10
Got a bunch of these and despite the age i have not lost any.
Some i have been using over 10 years.

Panasonic 6.5ah batteries for Honda?

Your Fulton MX991 must have a kick ass beam running 12v (-;

Those are nimh d cells for honda ima packs.
And yes i do have mx-991 running 2x26650 and a 6v 1.7a bulb.
Most folks that pick it up holler WTF! when they turn that one on!

I use the 55 lumen nite ize drop-in from home depot. Higher lumen bulbs don’t look as bright as they do in tighter focused Maglites, so I prefer a lower lumen, longer running LED.

For batteries, take your pick.

I usually run a 26650.

I also like to use mine as a lantern.