Function Flashlight by ronac on Indiegogo

Hey guys, I just backed ronac’s campaign on Indiegogo and thought I’d share it with you guys also. It’s a triple emitter 18650 light that uses 20mm optics, coupled with an infinitely variable switch. Not really in the ‘budget’ realm, but me likes the very unique form factor.

FYI, ronac’s the guy on CPF that makes those sexy Cryos Cooling Bezels.

Here’s the link to the campaign page, more photos in the Gallery as well:

Function Flashlight on Indiegogo

*Disclaimer: I am very excited about this light, but I will also be getting extra optics for being the first backer to post this on BLF :bigsmile:

that is interesting, though at a price that i wont ever see one in person

too bad there was not a pic of the limited one with tritium vials in it

I just stumbled on the campaign myself.

Looks pretty good… triple Nichia 219s? Even better! :slight_smile:

but after reading the feature list I appreciate the diligent design and engineering. I’m a fan of adjusting levels via knob/dial/ring. The driver sounds like a great piece of work too; I like the voltage input range.

I hope they succeed in bringing it to market.

Looks interesting but I think it’s way too much $$$ on something new and unproven.

This kind of reminds me of the Spy 007; maybe not as pretty, but obviously more versatile; and about a $1,000 cheaper.

The Spy is oh-so-beautiful, but way too rich for my wallet. The tripod mounts makes this much more than just another flashlight.

I need another light like I need a hole in my head… I have to back this (the triple Nichia’s seal the deal)! :slight_smile:

This is tempting to say the least.

Triple Nichia 219 on copper pillar, infinite variable brightness ring, solid aluminum unibody.
The pics make it look huge but it’s less than 3.5 inches long.
That shape, very nice looking, but I don’t how I would use something like that other than mounting it on tripod.
I hope they’re able to raise the funds for this one.

Not to be that guy or anything, but here a direct quote from Indiegogo's website is...

Indiegogo does not represent, warrant or guarantee:

  1. Perks will be delivered;
  2. Perks will be satisfactory to you; or
  3. The use of any Contributions or the outcome of any Campaign. It is up to you, as the Contributor, to ask such questions and undertake such due diligence as you deem necessary before you make a Contribution. Indiegogo may, in its sole discretion and judgment but is under no obligation to, seek the refund of Contributions.

I guess Indiegogo is just covering their butt.
I wonder if Kickstarter has the same fine print.

As for the light itself, ronac is a trusted member of CPF and has made and sold some great custom light parts that are cherished by their owners.
From the quality of his past work I believe this will be one solid light.

Just need to figure out how I can truly utilize this light before I plunk down anything…