Function light - triple XPG2 or Nichia 219 HCRI 1600 lumens - crowd funded

I like this very much
1 x 18650
Infintely variable output by a ring
Nichia 219 HCRI option
Just the shape is a bit weird

What do you guys think?
I never done this sort of thing before. How does it work? Looks like they are still quite far from their target.
If I want to join do I need to pay upfront all the C$175? If it doesn’t go through how do I get the money back?

Li-ion’s near your heart!!! NO NO NO!!!

Why? I thought you’d be more cautious if it’s near your dick but your heart? should be OK? :bigsmile:

It is a neat light, something different, but the way it is used in that picture is less practical than a head lamp.

put it on your chest and voila you become the next tony stark :bigsmile:

Yeah, I put a li-ion near my balls.

This looks better than walking around with a headlamp, but this would be harder to get it to just project straight ahead of you since it would be moving around as you walk. An expensive compromise, I guess. Best of both worlds = right angle headlamp :slight_smile:

Interesting unibody design and rotary control. It reminds me a little of the Streamlight Sidewinder. I think it needs some changes to have better appeal.

He has more pics on CPF in a thread. I read it a few weeks ago.

I guess for people who can afford $150 dollar lights it’s cool.