Function vs. Fashion? Which are you pertaining flashlights?

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Function , my lights are tools , not toys .

Wot he sed^[

Dont bullshit daddy. There’s always at least one you like to play with!

Function, needs to be bright, and useful. I’ll take sturdy over pretty. I’m glad Uranusfire is neither LoL

When I say function vs fashion. I am referring to this. Are you the type that would get rid of a older good working light just because there are newer more stylish lights out?

Sure, it´s about function. But I still have no fun with lights with a design I don´t like. It´s the reason I don´t have a Skyray King.

Let’s be honest, the m10’s are purely about function……flaming makes the ano more resistant to scratches, that’s the only reason I do it…. :bigsmile:

Lol +1

In that case, there’s a lot that are both. There’s a batch of my lights that aren’t the brightest that ill never want to sell, while more than half of my collection… If I don’t love it its just a matter of time before I sell it to try something else.

No, but I may mod it… Case in point, I have a very very cheap ultrafire jm07 clone, now when I got it, could not work, as cells wouldn’t fit. I got it working, but the pill is that loose in the head, it can’t possibly dissipate heat very well. It’s an ugly metallic brown colour and only takes king kongs. In its favour, it has the m10 driver, which is not bad - 2.5a on high, no mode memory, so always starts on high and it has a really nice beam. I don’t mean nice for a smooth reflector, I mean nice full stop.

Today I found myself stripping it, measuring up the pill and reaching the conclusion, a 3a intloutdoor driver, contact board, xm-l t6 3c, no blinkies, it would be a heck of a nice “beater” light for work….

I’m incurable, particularly since I have all the bits in my parts boxes, just need some more thermal paste. :smiley: J)

I voted for function, but some of the lights I own go under the fashion category as well.

Myself as well.

If we get down to it, a mag combo - 3d led + minimag led would cover edc and most household tasks, we buy all the lights we do for vanity, we just justify it to ourselves as function.

I’m thinking a 9a sl3 would be highly functional as a wow light for unimpressed none flashaholic friends… :party:

GOOD ON YA GORD! There’s the truth of it.

Gords. We used it working on my rig yesterday. My boss clicked it into ramping mode. Lol he couldnt figure out what the light was doing. He thought he broke it.

i will have to disagree with the 3d and mini mag leds will pretty much cover it. now someone that has never spent time looking online and reading on forums about flashlights, maybe. but i dont think anyone here will ever settle again.

i cant vote, because i cant vote for both :stuck_out_tongue:

If a light doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t buy it. Lets face it, with any set of parameters, you will probably have a choice of ten to forty lights that suit. Unless you are under severe budget restraints you are going to select the one that visually appeals to you.

Function primarily, but I want a nice looking torch too! Some inevitable compromise to be had…