Funny ass hell ! [ Ass is not a typo ]

Whats so funny = A rechargeable CR123A of 2000mA capacity , its not just laughable , its sad !

You see some funny ass stuff surfing ebay , I guess the folks that make GTL just dont know where to draw the line on BS

I am waiting impatiently for their version of 18650 @ 10000Mah...

or 10440 @ 1200mAh (I have seen 10440 @ 900mAh)

Hey... you guys are not reading the ad properly.

2000mAh is the total of 12 pcs. CR123 cells

Lets see.... 2000 divide by 12 is....


Exactly .. do the math

Come on guys why would you accuse some guy on E-bay of lying..??

Just look ath them ..>>they look pretty good don't they ??

What is 2000 divided by 12 ??

Oh yeah those green ones are the bomb ....tick tick tick

Kinda reminds me of the Quad core 4Ghz cpu… 1ghz x 4 or the 16Ghz PC… 4x 4Ghz that’s so commonly posted on fleabay… Really makes me laugh, sadder when pc challenged folks fall for it.