Funny product descriptions :D

In many occasions, you can use this powerful and functional, such as teaching, meeting, and some outdoor activities. You can make full use of this Kaleidoscopic Blue Laser Pointer's advantages at a party or other places of entertainment. It will brings more convenience and fun for your life. This 1000mW Adjustable Kaleidoscopic Flashlight Style Blue Laser Pointer (2*16340) is exquisite, portable and has extensive applications, it emits blue light with a wave length of 405nm. The laser pointer can be transformed into a "disco laser pointer" with its star cap. The portable button is designed as the switch, easy to operate and control. What's more, black body makes the laser light in the night vivid and unique. Also, it features shock resistance due to its metal body. You will feel like in a disco party with your very own kaleidoscopic laser pointer pen! This blue laser pointer optimizes your life undoubtedly! Get one now!

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What in the world is martin rescue??? :bigsmile:

Yeah, the Chinese translations stuff is sometimes very entertaining. I spent an hour on DX one day just reading the descriptions and reviews of some of their "Intimate Gadget" category stuff. What a hoot!

I need to optimize my life. Guess I better get one then.

I think it's more than lazy product descriptions on websites... check out the box

"Mommy, can we get a DVR?"


A video/audio digital camera with a 3 watt LED and a warranty card. Probably a high demand item, that. Man, I'm loving this trip to Hong Kong.


From what I remember, martins are a type of weasel. So obviously the lights are for rescuing weasels, perhaps trapped in the walls of buildings. Or are meant for teams of professional rescuers that use trained weasels to find people.


;) I feel better now, I also thought of the weasel-type creature.

Come to think of it, I think they're trying to say "maritime rescue". But your guess is as good as mine.

Martin Rescue:

I thought of Pine Martins I have a bit of a thing for Mustelids. I used to have a ferret/polecat cross that I walked around the local park every day on a lead, which led to me being known as "The ferret man" which I was never terribly fond off...but I've been called worse things :P