i cant tell you how annoyed with my self i am

it is long storey

sorry guys i have to calm down

i am ashamed to say i did not have a torch when i could have really used one for safety and to see

the casualty was a young deer hit by the car in front of me

i am so ashamed of not having a light i will will explain this better tomorrow

i put the deer over the fence in to the field

i hope it is OK

but i have my douts

it was very unsteady on its leg's and when we got home the amount of blood on me makes me think it was hurt more than i thought

i couldn't see F- all it was dark and i didn't have a light

Don't blame yourself. Sometimes things just happen because that's how the world happened to align. Thanks for sharing though.

first of all thank you for taking the time to help the deer inspite of the fact that it was dark. your act just gave it a chance to recover instead of being left on the roadside where it could wander into traffic and get hit again.

now regarding the torch...im sure this incident will give you the push to grab one now to be left on the glove compartment or on your bunch of keys.

i have a a3 on my keys and a torch on my car glove comp.

hats off to your act.

Today, one of my customers witnessed a fatal wreck, involving a baby, and two adults. He called the ambulance, and helped extract the living female occupant. He was in tears, and shaken, when he picked-up an HDD I removed from a surge damaged machine, for him.

I witnessed an accident on the way home...ironic. No fatalities, but an odd omen.

Be careful. People are driving like possessed warriors, this time of year.

Deer collisions are an every day occurrence, in my town. They have multiplied to the point of nuisance. Forest rats, are their given name here.

My neighbor recently hit one with his Mercedes. It wasn't pretty...the deer, or the Mercedes.

Rotten thing to happen, but you mustn't beat yourself up over it. I mean, even if you'd had a torch, what more could you really have done? Many people would have just driven past after a good gawp, so all credit to you for doing your best to help the animal.

good man , glad you helped it. hope it lives

personal i always make sure i have a light by designating a light to jacket , backpack , pocket carry , keys , desk, night stand etc

hope you kindness is returned to you and yours.

You did a good thing, no worries there.

The best torch in the world is the one you HAVE ON YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT !!! :)

Don't beat yourself up over. You did what you could under the circumstances and can't ask for more from yourself. Peace.

thanks for you words guys

thinking back a light might have spooked the deer and have it run into the road as it had just got to its feet as i got to it

it tried to run off but i maneged to put my arm round its neck and hold it

it was more for safety as there was oncoming traffic that could not see me until it was only a few second away from me and although my car hazard lights were flashing it was 40-50 yards down the road

the thing is ( and this is the bit that really frustrated me )

i usually have my little fenix L0D on me and a light in the car and a light on the car keys

it was my partners car we were in and she removed the box that the light and other emergency accessories were in to vacuum the car out and had not put it back

the head had worked loose and falling of the light on her keys so all that was there was a empty body i did not know this at the time

and i decided to charge the battery in my fenix that morning and forgot to lift it

in that situation i would normally have access to at least three lights and i found myself with none

all has been rectified as far as lights go and i hope the little deer survived i don't like to see anything suffer or die in pain

thanks Barrie

You really did the best you could, don't beat yourself, sh!t happens and sometimes finds us unprepared. I hope your kindness for the injured animal be returned to you.

You did the best you could for the animal. At least now it has a chance to recover. Do not beat yourself up about it.

All the best,


Murphys law.

You did the best you could with what you had, nobody can fault you for that, not even yourself=)

You did your best its not your fault.

It was nice of you to try to take care of the animal like that, I hope its okay.

You aren't the one who even ran into the deer. The car in front of you did. And wouldn't they have their headlights on? So if they didn't see it with their headlights on, not sure what you could have done.

They were probably messing with their radio or cellphone or whatever, so even if you had lit up the deer, I doubt it would have made much difference.

Did the best you could, no need to be furious. Live in an area where deer are struck by vehicles, maybe every 2 or 3 weeks. Nice to hear you helped out and not just a drive-by rubber necker. Most folks don't give a flip.