FW1A D4 combo for sale SOLD

Catch and Release Combo

1. Lumintop Fw1a (xpl-hi, 6500k)
2. Emisar D4 Ti Xp-L Hi V3 1A Version 1. Raw with 2 18350 tubes. Sold Shipped in US.

Is the d4 a v2?

Does the d4 have a copper head or no?

Yes she does

Just around button. Working on picks

is it V2 with aux leds? nice light nonetheless!

ill have to think about it, the 1A 6500k is a maybe for me. nice price

From the picture, it is a V1 Emisar D4. You can tell because the switch boot is black rather than white.

Still a great deal for $70.

thank you

Price Drop

Sold Pending Payment

PM sent

That was a hell of a deal!