FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Yep Karl M Atwood, it seems you had not completed reading when you posted.

The rest of the story is quoted above.

these what I have found, turbo glow gasket

Oh! Where? How much? :slight_smile:

I’ll take some turbo glow gaskets please.


Those look good!! :beer: . Nice & thick too.

Did you chemically strip the ano or mechanically? Reason for not doing the tailcap?

The price is nice & thick too :person_facepalming:



I was thinking that the FW3A needed a touch of Industrial raw-ness……like it was meant to be… :innocent:

. Black coated clip :confounded: ….has got’s to go……blasted clip is cool, but it’s missing something….


. it needs a bit of Road Rash and in time… Oxidation :smiley:

Did you chemically strip the ano or mechanically? Reason for not doing the tailcap?
Thanks for all the comments and sorry for not replying to questions earlier asked, internet has been going nutso?

. The body has been Glass Bead Blasted, it peens the material and leaves a cool finish. I don’t like chem stripping. I also like to keep the ano on the threads and such. I choose not to strip the knurling on this one, wanted some color contrast and also because bare metal knurling is a bitch to keep clean, dirt and oxidation between the grooves below the knurl peaks always look’s dirty, never polish’s out very well. Ano knurl is easier to clean and keep looking good and it’s what the wife liked/wanted…. I guess… :person_facepalming:

. But I will have to do a complete strip and polish on one of the next FW3A that are coming up, just because…I have so many other lights completely naked. :smiley:

Whut?? :open_mouth:

Where did you get that price?? :open_mouth: . Neal didn’t post a price did he?
Hopefully that is a typo or something.

That is outrageous it seems…. :person_facepalming:

@teacher, check relampago’s message.

Thank you Tally-ho, I had missed that. :+1:

For that price I can get a spool of glow in the dark filament. hmmm…

Yeah, I am wondering if that price is “each” or for an assortment pack of 10 or 15. If it is “each”, I can’t imagine that guy would sell very many. :wink:

Yep. I’m already planning to get some GITD tape for various projects. I was just thinking if Neal ends up offering something custom-cut, especially in different colors that I could swap out easily as the mood suits me, for a reasonable price, I’d likely get a few when I order my FW3A (waiting for the SST-20).

The gaskets are super cool, assuming they don’t block any of the light. I hope Neal can source them and sell them on his site.

I think it’s $25 each for the gaskets.

I Googled ‘Turboglow’ and found the material in 1/4” thick for sale on Carbon Waves website. It’s a lot of money for not a lot of material!

Wow…. That leaves me out. :frowning:

Couldn’t a few with a 3D printer get the GITD filament and print these for the wider team? Say, charge a few bucks per turboglow + shipping?

Or are there any 3D printing services that would do it if we deliver the 3D data (not sure what this data is called, sorry)?

Any thoughts related to shipping for ordering only the light vs the light+battery?

Since you can’t ship batteries by normal slow services, would shipping be faster if I order with batteries?

(I was going to place 2 orders, one for the light then one for some batteries. My intention was to prevent being out the lump of money while waiting for the light to come in stock and get the batteries before the light)