FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Other way around actually.

  • Emisar’s Ramping IOS is 6 clicks to activate lockout. And once it’s locked out nothing happens till you unlcok.
  • Anduril’s lockout is 4 clicks. And while locked out it still operates moonlight momentary mode.

Mine was ordered on the 26th too. 3D tint. No working tracking number yet. I have faith it’ll happen. Still anxious though…

@Gunga—I ordered in the wee hours of the 27th but without batteries. I wonder if that made any difference. Or the US/Canada difference?

@PBWilson—That’s odd and unfortunate. Did you also order a battery? Hope you hear something soon.

since the temp calibration is off for many FW3A i made a fast video on facebook, uploaded it later on youtube.

tell me if that is helpful (or BS)

I ordered this diffuser:



  • Cheap


  • I already know it’s too small a diameter

I’m hoping that it will fit on the inside of the bezel, maybe with just enough pressure to keep from tipping off when tail-standing. Hopefully, no light will leak around the outside. Since it’s narrow, I’m hoping more light will hit along the wall of the diffuser, so it will cast more light sideways.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll find something better. I’ll post if this works at all when I get it.

I like how this is meant for the (Convoy?) S2-3-4-5-6-7-8 flashlights. Anyone have a S3 through S8? :wink:

@ M4D M4X …… Very good instructional video Martin! I added it to THIS THREAD when I got notification this morning… it’s in post 3.

Thanks for making it. :beer:

No battery. I’ve got too many already. And so I wait.

Got my lights, loving them so far.

Whipped up a quick diffuser design to try, printing it now.

Will report back with results.

So it turns out I need to dry my filament.

Other than that, it looks good, and it fits.

3Ds are so damned handy :smiley:

looks great, seems like it would work well! Can u do them in different colors so they would be like colored filters?

That would be neat if it can be done… :+1:

Yeah, I can do other colors, that was the clearest filament I have.

I’ll throw my orange on, print takes around an hour

That clear should make a great all around diffuser. The colors could make for good ‘mood lighting’. :wink:

Quick and dirty comparison.

And a preview of the orange:

Would REALLY love one of these GITD gaskets! (as long as its not $25)
Keep us posted on them
And congrats on the new baby!

Any photos on where you stuck the tape? Looks good!

Print has finished, looks great!

Quick and dirty comparison to the first one:

And finally, a link so you can print them too:

Nice job Minocc!! Thanks for sharing this…. :+1:

Is the High CRI available yet?

Not yet.