FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Nice! I like that option. Didn’t think to do that. Thanks!

Anyone know how to stop the blinking during ramping? Is it possible?

That setting cannot be changed without some effort.

You’d need to reprogram the driver with your own customized version of Andúril.

Reflashing a driver requires a bit of hardware to connect to your computer and a bit of fiddling with the code.

Check the Link in ToyKeeper’s signature line for more info on reflashing drivers.

Got mine in 13 days. Super happy with the fit, finish, and performance. If you’re still doing the 95 CRI version, count me in.

this blip is normal ? because i get the same thing when i screw the head down.

One alternative to the ‘four click lockout’ would be to use ‘momentary’ mode at a reasonable (non-roasting) brightness.

This would essentially act like lockout, but with momentary access to any brightness you like rather than just moon.

To do this, set the light to your desired output, then turn it off. Click five times to enter ‘momentary’ mode.

NOTE: You’ll need to disconnect power briefly to exit ‘momentary’ mode. Any button presses will just make the light flash. You can’t ramp or enter any other modes while in ‘momentary.’

Just got my FW3A yesterday. Very cool little light. Much to learn on it. I like the candle and lightning modes. Very fun. Quick question: How do I can I easily get to the max regulated mode? I’m not confident I stop right on the blinks while ramping.

I love momentary on but thought Anduril only does that at max ramp.

Do you mean ToyKeeper has already (in this version) updated the firmware to support ‘momentary on’ using the memory mode?

(i don’t have mine to test yet.)

I really wouldn’t trust that. My FW3A and those of many others that have commented here will function normally sometimes after even several full turns of the head depending on how the light is oriented.

Not normally.
The light will not go out if its on.
But will not turn on if its off.

Andúril does indeed activate the last-used brightness for momentary mode.

Momentary has functioned this way for quite a while, perhaps from the beginning.

I don’t mean to brag, but… :partying_face:

I think you misread those other posts.

Yes, the FW3A remains powered sometimes even after several full turns of the head…. but the SWITCH disables instantly with just a 1/8 turn unscrew. As long as you unscrewed it while the light is off, it effectively acts like a true physical lockout.

Thank you goshdogit.

I am very pleased to hear that.

You’re welcome! Andúril’s momentary is very handy. I especially like that no amount of clicking will exit. Power must be interrupted to exit.

I like using it on a small thrower while hiking. It’s great for a quick glance way down the trail while wearing a floody headlamp.

You just ramp all the way up and it will stop there (unless you have adjusted the ramp ceiling). In order to go past that you have to double click to turbo or adjust ramp ceiling.

One of my XP-L HI’s had a piece of the LED base (from the edge not the die) floating in the optic. Thankfully I noticed before I blasted turbo and burned it into the phosphor. I opened it up and used some compressed air to blow it out and everything is fine now.

Also, as a disclaimer, every XP-L HI light ever made has had this happen to it occasionally. Annoying but it’s a fact of life with XP-L HI. That part is easily damaged during assembly.


Oh yeah? So the default ceiling on the ramp is the regulated max? That’s pretty awesome.

Yep, that was it. First time I’ve seen Nyogel 760 interrupt an electrical connection. Every new light I get I thoroughly clean the threads and contacts with alcohol, then lube the o-rings with Nyogel 760

Add this to your next Illumn order:

Nyogel760G is an electrical contact grease too. Used by the automakers. Would be interesting to see of the no-ox breaks the contact on this particular light too.