FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Here’s the fine manual, at least one version of it:

I always like BLF as the place where questions were never answered with “RTFM”, but friendly explained, even for the nth time :slight_smile: (some irony at times allowed though)

You mean the part where it warns about precautions to observe when twisting the tail??

Yeah, that’s a good thing about BLF.

As a general guideline, if one gets the urge to answer someone’s question with RTFM or similar, it may be best to cancel the reply and let someone else respond.

I got my first rude point for telling someone to read the fine manual instead of actually answering their question… and the point was deserved!


So you just got your FW3A & you don’t know much about it and/or it’s not working exactly right.

GO HERE , read the first few posts, do what it says, and you’ll probably learn a few things as well solve any issues in the process…. if there are any issues that is.

If the above does not correct things for you… TRY HERE.

Oh yeah… a User Manual also comes in the box with the FW3A. Read it….

About Half.

Let’s ignore that Wiener Wuerstchen for a second: at least all humans (ought to) have tailbones!

yea, I read the bit about tightening everything, I swear I did. I had a devil of a time loosening the tail when I finally decided to (after reading all the warnings about inserting the battery from the head, don’t open the tail unless you have to), but after I did and re-assembled it, as I said, it worked fine.


Okay, switch design aside, anyone have any ideas about why one of my lights works perfectly and the other doesn’t? And before anyone asks, yes I read the F’n Manual. Thanks.

In addition to some having terrible senses of humor, all humans have a tail for I think 4 weeks.

It looks like a lot of problems can be solved with checking tightness of the various components (i think the driving retaining ring being loose is a culprit), as well as cleaning contacts and making sure there isn’t oil on them.

What’s the one not working right actually doing when you try to use it?

Hi…. Go HERE . Read it, do what is says, and hopefully that will fix you up. :+1:

Totally agree….Love BBC news….well except for their funny accent but I tolerate :slight_smile:

Just in case no one’s noticed yet, a Nichia 219C emitter seems to be available in Neal’s website. No details as to what 219C was used though

OK, why are there so many LED versions popping up except for the SST-20 4000k 95CRI?

This is getting slightly annoying.

Oh that’s exciting! I wonder if they’re using TK’s 219C tuned firmware, the one that limits total output at like 50% to protect the emitters.
Also which emitter?? 4000k, 5000k, 80CRI, 90+CRI so many variables! I mean I’m totally ordering one but that’s besides the point.

I wouldn’t actually order one IMO.

We need to show our disinterest in other variants of LEDs.

Lumintop is trying to get us to forget about the existence of the SST-20.

TLDR: Only get the SST-20/XP-L HI version to show our wants.

I checked Neal’s site before leaving work today. That must have been added within the last few hours. Hopefully we can get a little more detail than just 219C.