FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Put me on the list for 1. I would prefer a high CRI version but for this price I can’t complain.

I’m in for one!

Wow nice post!
Adding just looks and Narsil with a lot of options as other notable differences.

I haven’t even paid for the Q8 yet, and now this? Why are you doing this to me?
Of course I am interested.

Thank you. Very nice message.
Is XP-G3 used in this light high cri version? (90+)

If Xp-g3 yields better results than 219c, this will be a very good light.

What a nice surprise! Please add me to the list :slight_smile:

I’m in for 1

Are these being built to order, or in bulk?

If the former, would there be any way to not have the battery-tube thinned down like that, but be the same diameter as the 2 “collars”? (Basically, just skip that one step in machining-down the tube.)

Gawd, I’d love to have a straight-through light like that. Basically an overgrown BLF348… :smiley:

And what do you mean by nw? According to the specs. pdf it can be 4000-5000 kelvin. Hope it is not 5000 :confused:

In the discussion we’re having about this light on reddit, fritz15 asked for votes about users’ preference for the emitter. The XP-G3 option, and indeed the current planned emitter is 5000K and 70 CRI (not sure if that’s specified or just typical). That option has no votes at the moment, while the other option, a 4000K Nichia 219C (90 CRI) has 9 votes.

My own preference would probably lean toward a 5000K 219C, but there are often group buys for emitters here and I have a soldering iron.

Hi, so far we are set on the XP-G3 unfortunately. Details on the exact LED will follow.

After a long hiatus from Flashlights it is great to see this project. A ground up, truly custom built budget light. Thanks everyone who is a part of this project. Size of this light seems so nice, please put me on the interested list :slight_smile:

1 please

In for one!

G'Day The Miller & fritz15,

Please put me down for 2 of FW3A flashlights.

Thank you Very Much,

Best Regards,


I’m up for one.

Fritz…man that is a nice piece of work right there. :+1:

Miller…cut it out man! This isn’t in the budget!

Team…great work.

Please put me in for one. :person_facepalming: :+1:

Oh My! With a negative power feeding to the LED's via the host, one could use DTP with emitters that don't have dedicated thermal pads. This light's design will open up some nice possibilities. :)

EDIT: Haven't decided if I will join this GB due to the clear finish, but I certainly wish the best on the endeavor. Very sweet light this will be for sure.

I'll take one. Wow pretty!

Please put me in for one.