FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Oops, I guess I skipped through a few of the posts. Thanks

I had to add spaces to my name “Man Without Shadow”

How about a member called “- Rick -”? Without the spaces. I can’t make it any closer, or it will be Rick-crossed-out.

Reminds me of the “good” old days with DOS & SHMBO. The smallest error results in a “command unknown” respons.


Thank you!
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Hello! ToyKeeper, could you please add me to the list for 2 of these. Thanks!

1 please

Agreed. I will take whatever comes for $30, but my real preference is the original raw finish, showing precision manufacture. Ideally with true deep HA3 mil spec ano, greenish but un-dyed, but that could cost. Bead blast and cheap (edit) clear or dyed ano. not my thing, covers up a multitude of sins and is weak, easily scratched, best taken off and polished to bare alloy. It’s what many are used to, but the real deal is quite different.

The taper on the head looks good to me, comfortable, and maybe adds a tiny bit of extra thermal mass.

I withdraw my doubts about the thin-walled co-ax tubes (assuming a decent strong heat-treated alloy is specified), tail e-switch etc. these are what makes it special and unique. Well done Fritz. And the team.

Now Lumintop, do this justice please.

I can wait until it is right.

Im in for one of these. Seems like a neat light to add to my collection. Anduril in a nice, clean triple EDC sounds awesome.

The clear ano will be really nice too.

Looks cool! I’m in for one if not too late.

I like the bead blasted version better.
You get also a better anodisation. Without, the ano tend to chip off on sharp edges. Blasting remove burrs and rounds edges a bit. It covers also scratches.
A skilled machinist deburrs his stuff. With the automated machining stations and no blasting we maybe get sharp edges?

However the FW3A has a clear ano you wil see a worn ano barely.

how left until we can purchase the light?

sorry i have not follow this thread last several months :innocent:

It will probably take a while to be able to do that mate! The project has not fully advanced, some details are still to decide! Let’s cross the fingers :wink:

@ FW3A Team, I sent “you” a PM :wink:

Will be looking for your reply whenever it is possible!! Thanks in advance!! :sunglasses:

I don’t think anyone actually checks that… or even logs in at all, except on rare occasions to post progress updates or edit the top post. It may get used more later, but for now it’s mostly a placeholder.

Interest list updated.

It also handles cancellations now, and has had known cancellations applied. Request numbers may have shifted.

- TK

Just stumbled here. Interested.

I didn’t read every page.

What is the IP rating expected to be?

And will there be a 18350 body?


There is no IP rating specified,
but front lens and head has an o-ring. The switch IMHO has a membrane.

No short tube planned at the moment.

I think this lamp is worth buying of the user interface alone.

In for 2

Thanks TK for the answer! I also thought that but still, I tried !
Shall I PM Fritz or and “individual” member to place my questions, then?

Thank you :+1:

interested if not too late….